Your Light can be seen by all the heavens. The Celestial realm sings songs of Peace with you. Let these songs drift quietly into your world and remind you of the Peace that lives in your Light.
Seraphim, Hosts of the Throne via Dawn Katar

Many moons ago I bought a book by Ann Valentin and Virginia Essene called Cosmic Revelation and on the first page was the silhouette of a human body with coloured rays passing from head to toe and out above the head and below the feet called the Ray of Intention.

Subsequently in my capacity as secretary of a spiritualist church I took the notes of meetings and circles when we were told by many communicators that we were seen like stars and/or identified by the colours and frequencies of the rays that were variously referred to as our blueprints or personal lights that were invisible to us but were our unmistakable identity marks to them, our guides and communicators.

As I was fresh out of the Anglican Church, so to speak, it gave me the confidence to understand how easy it was to distinguish between those who were to be saved and those who would pass away. A job for any being, in whatever dimension, that up until then, I found absolutely impossible.

Little did I realise that the following twenty five years of teaching and study would reveal still more miraculous means at the disposal of our guides and angelic helpers, that would enable them gradually to help us understand how intricately we are all connected, but within that connectedness we would hold on to our unique individuality.

I don’t think most really understand the concept of light as applied to us humans. When the realisation comes of the cell structure of the human body, the cell consciousness and its ability to send and receive information like a radio set, that can receive life giving energetic waveforms and also send back the condition and health of itself, this implies an amazing structure in miniature that we need a microscope to view, most would say we were in fairy land! Wouldn’t you say?

But it’s true this is indeed how it works and how we are viewed by the benevolent beings which monitor our every breath and whose only goal is to help us all they can according to our own desires, feelings and beliefs. Why in that order? Well, we are helped where we think we want to go, but never pushed where we do not want to go!

Those who help us are blest with the greatest joy. And what is that you may ask? It is to see our own light shining brightly and every cell within us sending out the most glorious high frequency music of health and happiness possible. Anything less brings a note of sadness to them and they will do all in their power to try to bring us back to an ideal standard of health and happiness.

The sad thing is that ultimately it is down to us whether we accept the help, or refute it, or do not believe in it in the first place! You see how this works? The universe, contrary to the popular understanding and outrageous rhetoric is populated by benevolent beings which will only try to help, but because we, like them were given the gift of free will, both we and they have the choice to turn it away, turn away from it or turn the other cheek. As always the choice is ours whether to shine our light or to hide it under the proverbial bushel.

Remember that when you do shine your light you will attract attention, some will be welcome and the rest unwelcome, which we will need to learn how to cope with in the most generous and loving manner, and throughout it all shining our light as brightly as possible to lighten their darkness, gladden their Spirit and brighten the dark corners of the world, reminding everyone we meet that Peace and Love are the answer to all of the world’s problems which are really the greatest opportunities for us humans to prove ourselves.
Let your light shine with Love, Hanukah


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