However often you enter a Temple, a Mosque or Cathedral, are you aware of the natural awe that descends over your being and the respectful silence that accompanies your mood, whether you have removed your shoes or not. If you attend a service in your chosen place of worship as part of the congregation you follow the lead of the Imam, Priest or Pastor reading from your book or reciting by heart the responses, psalms, prayers or holy songs.

During a pause in a service we are often asked to offer a silent sign of peace to those nearest to us, and when we leave the hand is shaken and we are sent on our way with a brief blessing.

It’s a popular place of prayer and parking is difficult. Just fifty yards down the road we find that someone has double parked and our car is blocked in and we cannot move. We set the chicken cooking when we left and hope that the lunch will not be burnt to a cinder when we eventually arrive back home.

There is silence in the car until a giggle from the back causes an eruption into uncontrollable laughter! What did you think, frustration or even anger?
What would be the point of that?

It is a sad fact that many who profess a religion call themselves by their faith on the day they attend prayers, but once outside revert in a complete 180 degree revolution to un-spiritual ways of self interest and aggression once again.

If only we could carry those same feelings of awe, respect and silence into the world at large that we felt in those few moments in our house of prayer.
During the HPT preparations for a joint meditation you will read of the mastery of matter, and when you take those feelings into the world it can be looked upon as an exercise in just the same way as control of the senses, or your way of becoming a master of matter, the matter being yourself.

Those who speak most are likely the ones who have little to say and those who value silence who like the three monkeys speak no evil, seek no evil and listen not to evil. The adherence of course to this way of being is when you recognise that God is in everyone, not just in your house of prayer but in the true house of God or Allah which is within you and the same awe and respect is easier to continue in their presence. Or so it should be!

When you see your God in all then everyone becomes your sister or brother for you all have the same Father. You along with every human being are blest with something special, which you were gifted when you were still in the animal state, which means that every animal is now your cousin and should be treated with the same awe and respect as your human sisters and brothers.

In the silence it is possible to connect with your siblings and your cousins. In the silence it is possible to connect with all that has gone before. In the silence it is essential to connect with the one that you know for sure is a son or daughter of God, and that of course is you. In that supreme silence you also connect with the Father.

Imagine for a moment that every conscious being whether a charging bull, a roaring lion, a mugger or murderer, an autistic child or a man with Alzheimer’s is a child of God. How does that change your view of life and living? The brotherhood to which you belong is greater than any secret society based on Earth. You are a member without any ceremony other than birth as far as this world is concerned, but before birth and beyond death you are and will remain a member of the greatest holy brotherhood ever created.

Value silence as a gift. We have written about the misnomer of tinnitus and would ask you whether in your own front room, a field or a forest to listen to the silence. Listen with intent, with focus and link to the greatest friendship you will ever know, the one who gave you consciousness, the one who gave you life.
Silent blessings to all with Love, David


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