I don’t know about you but as I walk this world I often think I see someone I know, but on the double take it is not so. But then, the appearance is so alike to my friend that I believe that although we are unique there can only be so many formats of the human frame and face which is where the familiarity comes from.

Then there are the occasions when someone is so unique that you will often hear the phrase, ‘when they made her they broke the mould’. We all try to better ourselves and some pay more attention to our face and figure than the rest who just accept the way they are. Where happiness is concerned who is better off?

As with all things in this life we need to accept the fact that nothing is ever finished, nothing is ever done, but all is in a state of becoming. You see if we can accept that fact most of the worry is removed from the human equation. ‘No worries’, our Australian cousins have taught us! And so it is. And so it should be. Though if we even hint at ‘no worry’ or God forbid, ‘don’t worry’ arms are thrown up in horror and the retort, ‘I never worry!’ comes back with such extreme emphasis that you wonder if there is at least a hint of concern or if that is in fact the true story. ¿Semantics?

Never mind the way we look the inside is more important than what’s on the outside. The biggest task we all have is like the Boston two-step: First, to find out exactly who and what we are and second, to decide what to do about it! The first step is the difficult bit. When we consider who and what we are we have to look deeply and honestly at our thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

Yes, I know you’ve heard this same story before but did you do anything about it before? Perhaps not? Or maybe you did and completed both steps? In which case: Congratulations! You must have found out that the mould is not set in stone and can therefore be changed no matter what you think and believe, everything but everything is mouldable!

Ideas, thoughts and beliefs given to you as a child, that you considered part of your reality will prove not to be so, they are just part of your beliefs and can be changed to suite how you really want to be. If you regret where you are or are unhappy with any aspect of yourself or your life, it can all be changed to put you in a happier place. In fact of course this is a continuous process with you trying to bring about that joy and happiness.

However sometimes we go about it in the wrong way trying to blame others for where we are and the way we are, when we should be looking deep within to see how we can make the changes that we think others should make for us. How you are is down to you!

Remember that your thoughts are important. Remember to concentrate not on what you resent or regret about the now, but think only about where and how you want to be. Happy! It’s not as difficult as it may sound if you will only relax into it and not make such a big thing about it.
Be happy don’t be mouldy, become a remould!
Think life to the full, live life to the full.
Loving Life, David


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2 Responses to THE MOULD

  1. cat says:

    Mouldable, but never mouldy … lovely post, David … thank you … Love, cat.

  2. davidtenn says:

    I am sure. Thanks Cat. Love David

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