A message from Sai Baba:
Today we bid farewell to the year gone by and welcome the new year. We pray that the new spring should confer on all beings longevity, health and goodness. Pleasant experiences and unpleasant memories of the previous year that linger in the mind, contain many good lessons. When one reviews the past year within oneself, one can realise how much time was spent selfishly and how much in service. It is not good to keep quiet when there are people around in the society facing hardships. If need be, you should give upjapa and sadhana (Spiritual practices), and uplift such people through service and sacrifice. You should feel that Jana Seva is Janaardhana Seva(service to people is service to God).Those who seek the joy of liberation should burn selfishness in the fire ofjnana (spiritual wisdom).
– Divine Discourse, Mar 28, 1979.
Wising humanity to recognise the value of brotherly love, service and sacrifice to each other, which are the only true measures of service to God.
Love David


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1 Response to TO THE NEW YEAR – 2013

  1. eugene1941 says:

    A very happy Year 2013 to you, David, and to all those who will read and comment on this your post.
    I fully agree or should I say, I can’t agree more that the service to the Lord starts with the services we render to our brothers and sisters… we have come on this planet to learn to be carers and friends to ALL our siblings. Being humans we even have received (and accepted ?? ) the responsibility to care for all that Nature contains, whether animal, plants, water, air or fire.
    There is no service greater to the “Logos” than to show how much we love each other. If we really would apply this great commandment without hypocrisy and prejudice this Planet would, indeed, be a Paradise.
    Whatever happened to humans when they started to consider their fellowmen as a nuisance or an enemy ?
    My wish for 2013 is to see all humans become brothers at last, sharing the food of their table with the hungry and providing shelter in their Inn for those who have no home.
    Liberty, fraternity and equality were the powerful qualities which started Revolutions but what a pity that those who used the words only meant Slavery, Jealousy and Prejudice. The results were obvious and men have not taken any lessons from History.

    But, after all, “tomorrow is an other day” said someone famous, and I think she was right.
    Let’s hope tomorrow will be a BETTER day.

    Happy New Year to all.

    With love.


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