31.12.12 – There is a move afoot in many camps to try to find God.
Scientists are looking at the reaction of the brain (via the MRI) in people who meditate and pray and also those given hallucinogenic drugs to see if the reactions correlate when in a spiritual or religious experience, however induced, that could indicate the presence or influence of the power of God.

They are looking for the Higgs Boson sub atomic particle which is the missing particle supposed to impart mass to everything in the Universe, the so called God Particle, at great expense, in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland.

The presence of God or at least the power of God is supposed to exist in the Arc of the Covenant now widely believed to be held and guarded in a fortified church in Ethiopia, by monks with machine guns. The power is so great, it is said, that if approached with impure thoughts can strike one dead. (Sound familiar?) A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

The amazing thing to me is that in all these experiments and travels round the globe the aim is to prove that science, which it is assumed by scientists, has to date been right all along in its proposals, and this time will be able to prove the existence of God. I do hope they succeed.

But the Soul that resides within each one of us is the closest thing to God in the Universe, for a Soul is a part of God. In its simplest analogy we are a spark from the great fire of the First Cause, the Source of All There Is, or God, whatever you like to call it. That spark belongs to God and we are never out of touch. The only thing that can cast doubt on that is whether we believe it or not!

Actually no one on this earth or any Being anywhere in this great Universe can be apart from God, whether believed or not. Now as far as reactions go: I have an intense emotional response when I consider Jesus (Jeshua), not because I believe he was/ is God but because I believe he was like Mohammad or Buddha a great man of exceptional gifts and spirituality, to the extent that I feel his presence and see, albeit in anthropomorphic form, a vision whenever I think of him accompanied by a great emotional feeling close to tears, that I believe stems from a heartfelt understanding and belief in his Gospel of Love. If only we could concentrate on his message and not on his form!

However God is a different matter, or cloud of antimatter, or perhaps a balance of the two in eternal harmony. The fact is that as far as we humans are concerned, I believe we are subjected to a constant energetic stream that can only be called a shower of Well-being energy. Whether we accept it or not is our free will. But there is no bad energy only good energy, as I say, of Well-being. I may have said before: there is only one energy for us to use according to our intention, which we can turn to good or bad effect, and all energy emanates from the infinite source, from infinity.

So where is God? Wherever! If you concentrate on Well-being, if you think of goodwill, think kindliness, generosity and compassion, think healing and happiness – there is God. In this season of goodwill the best thing to happen would be to spread this message. Remember your connection and you will never lose sight of God.
In-sight of Love, in-sight of God, David


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