At this time of supposed peace and goodwill to all men with the US Senate in crucial deadlock with only hours to go before plunging down a fiscal cliff, Syria in an escalating civil war and the numbers of dead only increasing day by day, and Egypt, Mali and all the rest in turmoil I call upon the Peacemaker, the Shaman in every tribe and every nation to bring peace as only they can to their own people in their own back yard with themselves their neighbours and their so called enemies and in the world.

My dear friend Saint Germain has brought us this today through Dawn Katar:

There are three kinds of Peacemakers in your world.
The first is called a mediator, one who tries to make two or more disagreeing parties compromise.
The second is called a troubadour, one who voices the possibilities of Peace wherever they go.
The third is called a cage-rattler, one who shakes up thoughts and beliefs making it possible for others to look deeper into their hearts to choose Peace.
What kind of Peacemaker are you?
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Do not think that all becomes love and light when peace reigns, no, chaos will still exist for us all to work through, and none more so than for the Peacemaker whose purpose is to find and keep Peace in all the chaos each and every day.
So I say again, ‘What kind of Peacemaker are you?’
In Love and Peace, David


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