Practice makes perfect!
How often have you heard or witnessed, as I have, a single visit to a spiritualist church, for instance, and the verdict expressed that the messages could have been for anyone, so it was nothing to write home about and would not attend again?

Like everything in this life it requires more than a cursory look to give a reasonable assessment and certainly with a different medium each week there is of necessity a variation in the interpretation, delivery and accuracy of any message relayed to the congregation. It also depends on the person to whom a message is relayed who may need a nudge from a friend to jog their memory!

When it comes to our own spiritual practice it is essential to carry out our rituals of prayer and meditation in the same way at the same time each day for there to be any evolution, improvement and lasting development which, as Sai Baba has stated on many occasions, is important for us all to continue no matter to whom we pray. In fact of course the ritual is only part of a practice that should maintain the divine connection every minute of every day.

Luckily there is the other side of the coin, when after 20 years of indoctrination in the Christian church, having tried to introduce healing and meditation to no avail, and a time of wandering in a spiritual wilderness, I was taken to a spiritualist church for the first time and thought I had found my true home! From then until the present day it was a life of practice and dedication. As Sai Baba sys:

Practice is the real thing that matters in spirituality. Scholarship is a burden, many times a handicap even. So long as God is believed to be far away, in temples and holy places, one will feel religion a burden and a hurdle.

But install Him in your heart and you feel light, burden-less and even strong. It is like the food basket – when carried on a shoulder, it feels heavy. You are too weak, even to carry it. But sit near a stream and eat your food from the basket– though the food weight has not decreased, you feel stronger and joyful. That is the consequence of taking the food in.

Do likewise, with the idea of God. Do not carry it on the shoulder, take it ‘in’! The scriptures teach, “God is verily the Life-breath, of every soul.” So practise to live in His Glory, in His Memory, in His contemplation, every single moment of your life.
-Divine Discourse, Feb 18, 1964.

Practice on the breath, practice with the step, but practice.
With Love, David


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2 Responses to PRACTICE

  1. cat says:

    Your article moves me to tears, as all truth does … Have a Happy New Year, David. Love, cat.

  2. davidtenn says:

    We wish you the happiness you so richly warrant dear Cat. May the year of 2013 bring all your dreams of joy into this reality. Love David & Eugene

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