I’ve spoken before about the expectation of a researcher influencing the result of an experiment, especially at the sub-atomic level, but the mere observation of a subject or procedure can cause a change in what is being observed.

For instance when a dog is alone it may sleep, eat or clean itself, however, when it becomes aware of someone watching the behaviour changes. The dog becomes alert and focuses on the observer. You can almost sense the mental process in the dog’s mind: Is it time for a walk? Is there a treat for me? Are we going to play a game? What’s up Doc?

I know that not many believe in telepathy apart from say between twins and very close siblings or partners, though I have to say I’ve always believed in it and often wondered how I, or I should say we, could embellish and expand what we already enjoy together.

It appears that in the realms that surround us there is no need for words or speech, which is why when communication is experienced between the higher beings and ourselves it requires a medium to interpret or transmit in trance using the medium’s voice box. Simply because we have shut the door to such opportunity.

So the next time you drop in for a muffin and a coffee at your local watering hole and you catch the eye of the one who smiled the last time you were there it could be time to say ‘Hi!’

So here’s the thing. You see, you might think you are about to break an impenetrable ice barrier by saying ‘Hi’, but the fact is that you have been communicating with that person ever since you caught the smile the last time your paths crossed! So it’s not so much an ice breaker as a confirmation of your ongoing communication.

We are all, at various levels, communicating with each other on a telepathic level all of the time. Not only that, but you are the recipient of the most wonderful channel of information, wisdom and data that is like a constant beneficial cascade entering your mind all of the time.

But here’s the rub: mankind, over the centuries through the unfortunate influence of successive generations of despots, dogma and suppression has come to the belief at a personal and more importantly at a race level that certain avenues of information are not to be accepted, unless of course it is of physical origin and can be measured, adjusted and controlled by those in charge.

The good news is that with the changing attitudes of the young in all of our societies and the changing energies sweeping planet Earth right now there is every opportunity for nothing less than a mind change. Or perhaps I should say a brain change! For if you look upon the mind (consciousness) as the software and the brain as the hardware we could be on the verge of using far more than the 10% of the brain currently enjoyed by us mere humans! How about that?

Time for confession: I have an acute focus! Trying to learn to step back and take the broader view to observe more, to recognise and appreciate more as I go about my day. Perhaps we all need to bring a more overall observation into our consciousness in order to get the most out of life! Does that fit your picture too?
With loving observance, David


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1 Response to OBSERVATION

  1. eugene1941 says:

    I too believe in telepathic conversations and tend not to be amazed when such conversations are confirmed to me. I am convinced that our evolution happened in many different ways and aspects.
    Yes, we have come a long way since the Dinosaurs and our long time gone ancestors, but then
    we have lost touch with so many of our “wonderful” links. Just read the World History and you too will be flabbergasted noticing what we had forgotten through the centuries. The phenomenons of the “Dark Years of the Middle Ages”, really make me wonder how far we would have progressed if what the Sumerians, the Phoenicians, the Egyptians and the Greek were practicing had not been rejected or frowned upon as Satanic or Pagan.
    World History has its good and less good periods and even its most horrendous ones. The Pendulum oscillates from Right to Left but Freedom follows Slavery and so it will go on.
    I am very fortunate to have had the chance to see how the little spark in each human is starting to light up again. Of course, there is still so much to do .. one “Spring” does not make a “Summer” and we have so much to learn and to accept before we can shed the shackles we have put ourselves in.
    The end of the 18th Century was considered the “Era of the Enlightenment” , the Encyclopedic opening to a new World… but it ended in Blood and Misery as Revolutions were sprouting all over Europe. The 21st Century we have come to consider as the “Era of Technology”. Science permits us to hope anything. It even looks like we could transform this planet into a Paradise, but .. this would be dismissing the greed and the pettiness of the humans. One destroys all heartily what the other tries to build. Voices resound in the deserts and very few listen to it.
    It is said that Man is breaking down the branch he is sitting on, but, how dare he ?, blames the others and even God for the sins he commits himself.
    Let us hope that we learn as we go along and try to leave our bigotry behind. Planet Earth has become a big village and humans are responsible for the happiness of one another. The Spirit of Private Families is disappearing but a larger Human Family should now replace it. We are all brothers and sisters, we all share the same possibilities, we all have the same rights and responsibilities and those who have promised to guide us to the Promised Land have even more obligations towards Humanity. Will we or they remember this when leading us …astray ??

    I wish you, David, and all the readers of your post, a better, and ,why not, a wonderful 2013.
    21 December 2012 is gone and was ONLY a warning, let us hope that we have all become more vigilant for the years ahead !!!



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