25.12.12 We would like to share with you these two messages from Sai Bab on this day of days:
Embodiments of Love! In all religions and countries, birthdays of great personalities are celebrated, but the ideals for which they lived are not remembered and followed. This turns celebrations into artificial observances. Christ taught people to love all beings and serve all with compassion. It is only by practising these ideals that one can truly celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday. The Divinity within should be reflected in your every action. The seat of Truth is in your heart. Worshipping God means loving others with your full heart. You must live in love and lead a life of selfless service based on love. This is the best way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
-Divine Discourse, Dec 25, 1992.

Lord Jesus Christ gave the following example while teaching His fishermen disciples: ‘In a river the water is flowing in a swift current. But the tiny fishes are able to swim in it and move about merrily, despite the speed of the current. In the same river, a huge elephant caught in the rapids, is likely to get washed away or drowned in spite of its enormous size. The elephant just cannot survive there! The reason is: What you need for survival in a river is not being large, but the ability to swim. Likewise a person who is caught up in the ocean of worldly existence needs, not so much metaphysics, scholarship or wealth, as much as the grace of Divine love.’ Without any knowledge ofVedanta, one can still surmount all the problems of life if one is blessed with God’s love. Hence, remember the Lord with Love, worship Him with Love and sanctify your life with Love.
-Divine Discourse, Dec 25, 1988.
With Love, David & Eugene


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  1. cat says:

    I’m drinking your words, David …

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