It is at this time, with the onset of winter, and before we become absorbed in the seasonal celebrations, that we should pause to reflect on the past year and there are perhaps a few pertinent questions that may float to the surface of consciousness that we should consider before looking to the word for 2013 or indeed to any new resolutions.

When we are involved in the day to day art of living we can easily miss the important elements that are only viewable on reflection, for which daily HPT meditation is the ideal venue. So the first question could be: ‘How was your year?’ Was it as bad as you first imagined or has time, consideration and reflection shown a different result?

If that Knight in shining armour, she or he has still not arrived or the one has proved to be otherwise you should also ask the question, ‘What do I really want?’ If you are looking for a saviour you should realise that the seed of the saviour is sown within each of us, there is no saviour outside of you and only you have the knowledge and the power to save yourself.

There are a number of Way Showers who have entered the world to try to do just that with mixed success but the word in the form of their message has been diluted and polluted by subsequent generations of so called apostles, disciples and followers.

But we do not have to look far and often the ones we need to show us the way are hidden in plain sight. The field we have chosen to tread, whether because it is sown with others of like mind or is a convenient place to hide is usually filled with a multitude of nature’s gems if we only take time to look.

Among the pretty meadow flowers, if we stoop down we can find what may appear to be a dull brown leaf, from another’s book, so close to us and so unremarkable we overlooked their proximity. There may be more leas, other meadows to explore but usually they are for the future and the one is where you are, every working day.

When we said to find the word for 2013 of course to me the word is the Logos, to some God and to others the Goddess. In truth it matters not what you imagine as the word, but if you talk, if you complain, if you pray to one it is as well to know to whom you direct your thoughts.

However there may be more questions of your own on which you need to reflect and what better time than the quiet of winter to do just that, after all each and every day in your HPT you have the Forum of the Three, ‘All for One and One for All’ to guide you on your way. In this essential process there may be a word that comes to mind to epitomise your purpose, your focus or your desire for the coming year of 2013?
With Love, David


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1 Response to REFLECTION

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you, David, for these precious reflections.
    Yes, Winter, for us in the Northern Hemisphere, means a period of tranquility when Nature is closing its eyes to rest from its activities of Spring, Summer and Autumn. It has worked enough, now it’s time to rest and ponder over what was and what will be. We should follow Nature and adjust ourselves to its modes.
    Winter, although repleted with festivities of all sorts, should be a period of HPT. The fields are covered in snow, the streets are deserted and only smoke comes out of the houses. So what better period is offered to us ?
    Even the Sun deserts our skies while it starts his deserved rest. He is now showering all its vigour on our Southern neighbours.
    Days are short and nights are still long and we should make the most of these moments of shadow to reflect while putting aside our daily chores.

    I am convinced that the year 2013 that soon will show its calendar will be a better year for it has vanquished the (unnecessary) alarms of 21 December 2012. Therefore it will be a stronger, more formidable year. Let us all enjoy this positive assurance.

    I wish you and all the readers of your blog a safe and joyful New Year and a continuous progress throughout 2013.
    With love and light.

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