Here we go again!
Was it the fact that our focus was all wrong when some of us thought the world would end today the 21st December 2012?
And here I go, as I had promised myself not to comment on this day of days when, as I saw it, nothing would change! Sure enough it was business as usual apart that is for some unusual feelings and energies that made me sway a bit from my usual equilibrium.

A reflection then of the changing times the Solar activity and consequent energetic movements that promoted my instability, but only briefly until I realised that as usual I was concentrating too closely on the matters in hand and it was time to step back and view things from a broader perspective.

How about you, how was your day? Did it come up to expectations or did you just breathe a sigh of relief at days close? After all it was supposed to be the ‘End of Days’ according to not just some but many, who I am convinced were just on the wagon of making a buck or a quid or two at our expense, that is if we were daft enough to listen to their diatribes of fear.

‘Que sera sera, whatever will be will be’ and we will be the beautiful Souls we have always been and will enjoy whatever the world brings us for our joint experience. My only message is probably, ‘don’t listen to the scare mongers and the pseudo scientists who will try to confuse you with their jargons, coulds and mights.’

All is well and the way is clear. Remember that the only measure of your success throughout all of these testing times is your level of joy and happiness. And in that regard I must confess we cracked a bottle of ‘pop!’ to celebrate our continuation of this extraordinary life!
Be Happy! Love, David


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