In the words of the song: ‘Suicide is painless’.
But for whom?
It has been assumed that suicide is a sin against God, but is that in fact the case?

Let me explain:
The Soul enters the body at the moment of birth when life can be sustained by the infant. The mind, the spirit also in infancy needs to grow in order to work with the body to provide the soul with its designed experience.

The soul has taken up residence, but from the moment of birth has no direct influence and must retain its passive place as the witness to all that occurs.
The spirit and body work together to grow and provide the soul with experience and apart from the tenuous talk that goes on continuously between these three partners the soul cannot influence by direct action what the spirit and body get up to.

In the scenario of a communication breakdown or the result of criminal influence such that the body and mind decide to live a life of violence, theft and murder, despite moment by moment attempts by the soul to try to influence change from this life of horror, the life experience is nothing like that proposed before the birth and after the inevitable early death when the soul leaves the body it can only be full of sorrow!

Since every being in the cosmos is given the same love and concern by the Logos no matter what turn it takes in its life, in the broadest sense there can be no right or wrong just different ways of expressing and living a life, according to the conditions of a particular planet, place or person. The person of course being the trinity of soul, spirit mind and body.

We have rules and regulations on Earth that have left most of us in no doubt about what we, the majority, consider to be right and wrong, but having said that, we are in danger of making so many rules in family, school, village and nation that we will in time make everyone a criminal. Is it any wonder that more and more are driven to the point of no return?

In order to get the most out of life the most important conversation to carry on is between the three partners of soul, body and spirit. It must not be a situation of one dictating to the other two, or a situation where say the body puts itself through so much stress that it is in no state to hear or consider the other two. The conversation needs to be continuous and in all directions with the talking stick carried by the one speaking and the other two listening until it is the next one’s turn to speak. Forgive this anthropomorphic imagery!

Only in this way will the situation be avoided where the mind becomes so devastated that it feels its only course of action is to discontinue the conversation and close the shutters on life by suicide. It is in this situation that the soul is in total despair having lost all that could have been gained through the witness and passive participation, with perhaps gentle persuasion, of a proposed life. The sin is against the soul!

One of the benefits of HPT unmentioned up to now is the result of critical and necessarily continuous conversation that will avoid the devastating outcome that affects not only the soul but also the other souls that have joined together in what could have been a beneficial life experience for all concerned. Remember that if you put too much pressure, whether mental or physical, on your fellows you may drive them to the ultimate sin.

In your daily HPT meditation join in the conversation of your trinity and let it be a joyful interchange of feelings, ideas and beliefs that can be shared and welcomed but also changed if necessary according to the life path and experience as it unfolds.

Don’t make the mistake of avoiding conversation because you may feel that you have nothing to say, everyone has something to say and everyone has the right to say it. Speak your spirit mind, listen to your body and your soul and learn to live a full and rewarding life.
With Love, David & Eugene


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4 Responses to SUICIDE

  1. cat says:

    I am not avoiding conversation … I’m afraid you are, David … Have written comments on numerous occasions, but no reply … Nevertheless … The suicide topic is on many people’s mind ( I work in mental health) … I found that many suicidal people are relieved once they know they have a plan and the opportunity to end their lives … all of a sudden they are freed and able to turn their lives around … in othe words, because they know they have the power to end it all … they continue living powerfully … makes sense? Visit me at or Love, cat.

    • davidtenn says:

      Comments came as needed, so I thought, and if you wanted more I had given you my e-mail address if you wanted a personal response and here it is again: If you could be a little more specific perhaps i could respond more accurately according to your needs. My apologies if I have appeared less than responsive, from your last comment I got the impression that you wanted to meet in person. That too may be possible in the future. However it appears that this is the only medium at our disposal for now. Please keep the comments coming and I will do my best to respond. Love David

    • davidtenn says:

      Hi Cat, Don’t know how far back you want to go but
      you commented on WHOLENESS 2 at 10.32 am on 2012/12/09 I replied at 11.26 am
      you commented on RITUAL of GOOD & EVIL at 8.03 pm on 2012/12/16 I replied at 10.36 pm
      you commented on SUICIDE at 5.30 pm on 2012/12/21 I replied at 6.02 pm that’s today
      and here we are again!

      Tried to get into catsrule but not accessible here in Spain says it does not exist
      ckpeacemaker seems to be a travel site of photos with no comment slot.

      Hope you can revisit here to see how we can correspond.
      Love David

  2. cat says:

    Thank you, david, for your response … you are a real person, I know that now … and your blog posts are lovely … please accept my apologies, if my comments sounded somewhat heartless and harsh … that’s not me at all … Sending you love, cat.

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