It is said that Inspiration comes from within. Is that from within me or channelled through me?
I’m not so sure about that as mine, although I know my highest inspiration comes from the Higher Self in other words through me, comes to me in other ways too. Books and plays and films and words spoken by others have a habit of spilling out onto the page from my finger tips but in my own words. Often in the twilight zone just before or after sleep during or after meditation I have to reach for the pad and pen to jot down just a word or two as a brief reminder of an idea or inspiration.

It is true that in my 95% thought before 5% do, I have to get motivated! And I guess that’s where the will needs to be channelled. Quite often I will say I’m not ready to do this or that when it’s not a matter of inspiration I just don’t want to do it. No motivation! Not even thinking I might get kicked if I don’t, it’s almost as if I don’t care if it’s done or not! A bit like Pooh, it will get done in its own time.

However there are occasions when I see others in a pickle and immediately turn to and tackle a job there and then to save them the agro, or is it because I think I can do it better? Probably! But I think I’m helping.

We’ve spoken before about imagination. It’s necessary before anything is attempted. You see here again to me this comes through a combination of sources like inspiration. There’s the sort of: I need to get up and do something so I need, unconsciously, to imagine it first, or the imaginings that come through dreams and meditations.

I have found that a framework for my life, being retired, is useful so that I know I do certain things on certain days, though I do draw the line at always having fish on a Friday! Though I must confess I do enjoy Eugene’s pancakes for breakfast on a Sunday morning with lemon juice and maple syrup but even that is not cast in stone!

Inspiration has a wonderful side effect though, which I am sure is probably more of an initial effect, but once the inspiration takes hold in the consciousness the Universe, Bless it, comes good with the complimentary energy or vibration to enhance the inspired thought and the more I think about it the stronger it seems to get. Which is exactly how it should be, since the thought, by then, has become a belief, and it is Belief that brings our consciousness into manifestation and we begin to create the lives we want.
Do you get the life you want?
Get inspired with Love, David & Eugene


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