We have said many times that we respect the pathways of others to their appreciation of the Divine by whatever name they choose to use, and we would not hesitate to join in prayer with any if and when invited.

However with experience of many faiths in this and previous lives with brief membership of monasteries where the habit was once worn but no more, and those who set themselves up as churches but on close inspection are dangerous cults we would not join any man made religion or cult at the present time, but nevertheless respect their right to exist.

We know that there are many who wear the habit who are sincere in their faith, but we also have intimate knowledge of those who hide behind the habit a faith of unbelief.

As with all things in this life of duality it is up to us all to choose the habit to wear or to use according to our faith, our acceptance and our belief. The latter being the most effective and important aspect of mind to clarify, like pure golden ghee.

There are habits like virtues to practice and perfect which should become the first and last thoughts of any day. Imagine the purified butter, the golden ghee is actually golden gratitude held in a crystal bowl of perfect peace. The two go together and shine and glisten when held in the light of Love.

The Trinity of Love, Peace and Gratitude are brought into being through your Belief and begun each day with a Smile. Be the first to offer a Smile of Love as your gesture of Peace to all whom you meet in an atmosphere of Gratitude for All There Is. This is the only Habit worthy of having, the Habit of Peace.

Do not be dismayed if your smile is not returned, the fact that you have offered a gesture of peace is all that matters. Maybe the next time you meet that person they will return your greeting with a smile of their own.
With Love, Peace and Gratitude, David & Eugene


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1 Response to PEACE HABIT

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you, David.. for this beautiful post and yes : Do not be dismayed if your smile is not returned, the fact that you have offered a gesture of peace is all that matters.
    Even if THEY do not or never return your smile, well at least you are at Peace with your soul for whom we are all sisters and brothers.
    Before anything else, love your neighbour as you love the Lord is an imperative must … which would help Peace to reign on this planet we call Home.
    With Love, for all men
    Peace for the entire world
    and Gratitude for all we have received without even paying for it.


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