There is no doubt in my mind that in order to get the most from life we occasionally have to take a risk or two. Certainly if we meet someone who makes us step back in amazement, if we want to go further we have to take a risk, open ourselves to the possibility that we might get hurt and accept that we need to make ourselves vulnerable!

The following is reposted from a fellow blogger Little Beut (http://littlebeut333.com) , which I thought followed WHOLENESS 1
very well and with my grateful thanks:

He was made of the toughest material
He was almost 100% solid. Solid as a rock
His only weakness was a hair-line crack along his right side. Damage from childhood
He protected the crack with all of his might. One day, someone tapped him too hard, and he shattered into thousands of pieces
He lay amongst his sharp and rocky tatters
And he made a decision
He would put himself back together with super glue
When he was finished, he had gaps all over his body
Toes were missing, his left thigh was half the thickness it used to be…He had virtually no left arm to speak of
His skull was only 80% whole
When his mother saw him, she broke down and asked him what had happened
He said “I fell apart Mum, I lay in pieces on the floor and I had to put myself back together, but I decided that I would examine each broken piece before I reattached it”
“Why did you leave so many pieces out son?”
“Because they were the worst of me…I didn’t want to go back to being who I was, so I had to leave the hideous bits of me on the ground”
“But son, look at you now, if someone hits you with a hammer you’ll fall to bits”
“No Mum, it may look like that from the outside at first glance, but I’m stronger than ever now, in spite of how I appear”
“How so?”
“Because it takes strength to leave yourself vulnerable and that’s what I have become…In re-building myself, my gaps are an overt signal of my weak spots; and my strong spots are also clear to others. So now I have to trust the other statues not to ‘hit me where it hurts’. As for the super glue, it holds my new soul, and with that finally in tact, I’m untouchable”
“But son, you look a mess”
“That’s subjective Mother, I personally think I look seasoned, and ceramic women love a visible war wound or two… I met a girl just last night, and she’s beautiful Mum, she’s just like me”
“Cracked from top to bottom with missing bits and injures galore… and beautiful inside…”
“Her name is Annie and I think I love her already”
May we all have the strength of spirit to recognise our cracks that give us character and glue ourselves back together when needed. None of us are perfect, but all of us are in a wonderful state of becoming.
With Love, David


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to WHOLENESS 2.

  1. cat says:

    I love your teachings, but still have to make your aquaintance … which has not happened for what ever reason, David … nonetheless … greetings and thank you … Love, cat http://catsruledogsdoole.blogspot.com/

  2. davidtenn says:

    Thanks Cat. I look forward to the moment of meeting. I am in Spain. Where are you? Love David

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