I’m sure, if memory serves, that I have spoken about this before, but how is it that two children in the same family, raised with the same values can rear their own children so differently?

One seems to have remembered the value of respect for themselves their siblings and their parents, while the other appears to have forgotten those same essential values, at least it seems that way to the rest of the family.

It is said that there is no right or wrong there are just different ways of thinking, believing and doing things. But now as a grandparent the difference and lack of respect for all things by one side is difficult for me to understand. Maybe it’s with my far sight that I can see the possible problems up ahead.

I have, at all times though, to respect the free will of both sides and with today’s super children who need basic frameworks and understandings of the rules and laws of mankind to supplement their inherent wisdom that I am concerned for their future.

Education, which must begin at home at the earliest age possible, is elaborated so beautifully by beloved Sai Baba as follows:

Education must train the children to love, to co-operate, to be brave in the cause of truth, to be helpful, to be sympathetic and to be grateful. Dear children! Revere your parents, elders and teachers, be humble before them and respect their experience and deeper love for you. You must follow these virtues consistently and strictly. The educators, elders and parents too, on their part, must cleanse their intelligence and practice the same virtues with humility and detachment. There is no use teaching the children one thing and holding out examples, contrary to the teachings. Thus, true learning occurs when noble truths are taught and supplemented by the conduct of the teachers, parents and the elders.
Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol VI, Ch 26.
With love and respect, David


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  1. True learning occurs when noble truths are taught ~ so very true… We each must take responsibility…..
    Blessings Sue

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