There are times when we all feel a bit lost, as if life is passing us by or we are confined in the slough of despond out of which it is impossible to climb.

So often we are so afraid or intimidated that we are loath to ask for help for fear that we should be seen as less than others or lacking in moral fibre etc. But this is just the time when perhaps we should put our own pride in a box, close the lid and reach out for help. Otherwise we may sink deeper into the pit and end up taking drastic action with dire or fatal consequences.

It may be reactive depression or panic attacks, both of which I remember only too well, from being made redundant twice in succession. Luckily I had a loving family and a good doctor to help me through it all, and in my lucid moments prayed my heart out and eventually after some years came through it all. I felt I should re-post this message from the Divine Discourse via Sai Baba in its entirety for those of us who have faith that our prayers will be answered:

Sai Baba:
When a man falls into a well, of what use is it if he controls his voice and his emotions and whispers quietly, “I have fallen into this well… I have fallen into this well… I am in great danger… Please save me?” and so on. No one will be able to hear or save him. He must shout full-throated, with all the anguish he is experiencing and with the extreme desire to be saved. Then he can hope to get succour.
Similarly, when you are caught in the coils of this world, when you have fallen into this deep well of worldly misery, shout with all your might and all your heart, that you may be saved by God. There is no use muttering faintly and half-heartedly, “Save me… I am floundering in this samsaar (worldly life).” When the prayer comes shrieking through the heart, help is assured. Sing with intense yearning for God and enjoy the experience of adoring Him.

Divine Discourse, 14 Nov 1976.
And so they are in time, and in a way that is best suited for us and for our highest good. In Love and Faith, David


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    How very strange, dear David, to read your post at the same moment I have found copies of letters I wrote back in 1996. They were cries for help and did not know yet that I was going to fall even deeper. No, we should not be shy about asking for help, for, even if nobody answers directly, someone will have heard us.
    Sri Sai Baba is very right, and I love the parallel he draws between falling in a well and falling into a “depression”. Too often we hear people mentioning that IF they had known that X or Z was in such a distress they would have tried to help. Hell is paved with good intentions, they say.

    I must confess, I failed once to reach out for a dear friend who had called me. I could not find time for him, and when I was free. he was no more.
    Still today, after so many years, I cannot forget this tragedy and I feel so much remorse.
    I promised myself there and then that it would never happen again and hope it never will.
    Life let us go through experiences we wished we had never been exposed too.

    “I was lost and now I am found ” says the Hymn. and therefore may we always be thankful to Him who looked for us.

    I wish you, David, and all the readers of your post to forever find Love and Light when the Night is too dark to go on walking.


  2. I think speaking personally its only by getting a little lost that we find our way! 🙂

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