The true Masters and Avatars on Earth would never try to convert you or temp you away from your preferred Religion, rather, they would encourage you to follow your own path and keep to the ceremonies and rituals that you are familiar, happy with and that you believe in. As Sai Baba has advised on many an occasion.

Despite being brought up as a non-too-strict Anglican Christian I have always believed that there are many pathways to the Divine and all should be shown the respect they deserve as the free will choices that they are, gifted by the Divine which they seek in their own way.

The fanaticism that mars the true religions of the world are nothing more than the seekers after pure power, often mere efforts by those who profess to be in the highest positions of pomp and popery (God’s prophets or representatives on Earth), wielding that power just to show and validate their difference, as if it were the only true way.

So Religion is, at its heart, of no consequence and the conflicts that exist between the various forms may be traced back to medieval times and beyond where old jealousies and hatreds were formed and have remained hidden in the psyche, but practiced in His name in violence ever since.

It is time that mankind, as a race of beings, came to the realisation that Religion is purely a personal choice and the forms, rules and regulations imposed are either accepted or denied on a purely personal basis.

The laws we enact will end up making criminals of us all in time. Whether we decide to conform to religious ‘law’ is for each of us to decide. In today’s terrifying climate though, if we send our daughters to school we and they may well end up being killed!

Abraham puts it like this:
It doesn’t really matter what religion anybody believes. If their life is working (and there are many different approaches to life that are working very well) then why not let them believe whatever they want to believe? It’s all working in the way that it is supposed to be. There are religions that you wouldn’t want anything to do with, that are perfect mechanisms for the people who are involved in them. And therefore, they are a very good thing.
Be happy in your pursuit of happiness and Divinity, with Love David


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6 Responses to RELIGION

  1. ryanrussell3330 says:

    You should check out the definition for god in Judaism, El*Lo*Him. Like to hear your thoughts

    • eugene1941 says:

      Sorry Ryan but I don’t understand your comment … Yes, the Lord is called Elohim (which is a plural by the way!!) in Hebrew.
      Maybe you have a definition about THE name which I don’t know. Could you please comment this.
      Thank you so much.
      Angel Messenger.

      • ryanrussell3330 says:

        El lo him literally translates to “divine of the many.” It signifies plural, you are correct, but even the three branches of the hebrew priest cast were divided about the term as it was even being recorded. The Sadducees, who didn’t really believe in the supernatural plain (such as angels and demons and a afterlife to speak of) held that Yahweh was the Jews god of the other many gods out floating around out there. A sort of Patron god, or mascot even. The Pharisees held that every one on earth had some ideas about god that were somewhat accurate, just not wholly accurate. Yahweh to them was the culmination of all the accurate ideas about the reality of a one true god, minus all of the falsehoods floating about. Hence true theological Monotheism came from the Pharisees and pragmatic universalist theological subjectivism arose from the Sadducees. They were very divided over this and remained rivals. Ironically, though you appear to be more of a Sadducee than a Pharisee yourself, your theological outworking in this post borrows more from a Pharisaical outwork. El lo him in a Pharisees camp, is connotative of searching out the unifying principals in a diverse landscape of realities or truths. It is the unity in diversity. We have even named a institution after this endeavor; the university. I was just curious about your thoughts on the term.

      • eugene1941 says:

        Hi, Ryan.. Thank you so very much for such an explicit information on what the name “Elohim” means
        Yes, “El” means “G’d”: example : Imanu’El (G’d among us!)… But when you say that “Holim” means “of the Many”, I wonder if you meant “Ha Olam” which translates as “World”.
        My interpretation of “Elohim” and its use by the Hebrews : is that it indicates a polytheistic belief before it became monotheistic. Don’t forget the words that the Bible writers place in the Lord’s mouth : “I am G’d above all other gods” . The affirmation can’t be clearer about the fact that the Lord was (at first ?) sharing His power with others.

        It’s merely after the “supposed” intervention of Moses that the Lord gets His name as ” YHWH ” being the unpronounceable sacred tetragrammaton translated by “I am who I am “.
        In a next post, if you are interested, I would like to elaborate about what “I” belief happened at the creation of Judaism.

        Reading your comment carefully, you seem to imply that the Angel Messenger Posts are tainted by Sadducee beliefs but then also by a Pharisaical credo . and I wonder what gave you this opinion.
        You explained the views of both the Pharisees and their counterpart the Sadducees very well and that’s why I fail to understand your remark.

        David and I belief in the One G’d and the existence of the Soul and consequently in the Afterlife
        ( but via the reincarnation theory which does not allow the idea of “eternal punishment” aka Hell ). It is clear that our convictions have been modified by our contacts with Eastern religions, but “There are religions that you wouldn’t want anything to do with, that are perfect mechanisms for the people who are involved in them. And therefore, they are a very good thing ” as Abraham so wisely stated.

        Don’t know whether you will reply to this reply to your reply but it was a pleasure reading you.


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David, thanks again for such uplifting post. Yes, religion comes from the Latin .. “religare” that what brings the devotee in contact with the Divinity… term which later was applied to specific forms of worship ..religions. It is not important how you pray but rather that you pray.
    Dare I say that it is not important either how you call the Divine. As there is only ONE, I’m sure that He (or Her) will hear and understand the adjectives or (pet)names by which we call Him (or Her).
    Please remember that being humans we feel the necessity to use human (anthropomorphic) terms, and therefore give the Divine … gender, qualities and (even) defects.
    Rituals are there to help humans not to prevent them from contacting the Divinity… Rituals are no more than learned words or gestures which, often, will depend on the culture of the worshiper.
    Nobody, in his right mind should condemn others because they do not bow, kneel or burn incense as the learned ritual makes it compulsory.
    Rituals are there so that no one among the gathered worshipers of a certain religion could disturb the sequence of the religious meeting. No more and no less, for the Divinity reads the heart of the devout and is not fool by words, sacrifices or burned offerings.

    May Love and Light always be with all of us.


  3. “It is time that mankind, as a race of beings, came to the realisation that Religion is purely a personal choice and the forms, rules and regulations imposed are either accepted or denied on a purely personal basis.””

    We all have different names for the same ….. each a variation … But ALL have LOVE at their Core.. if we all of us practices loving each other more instead of fearing and fighting.. the world maybe a peacefuller place…

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