As Buddha remarked to his disciples, ‘Do not waste time on metaphysical speculation’.

However, it is our nature to enquire, to seek reasons, to master the mechanics of anything and everything whether physical or ethereal, and because we are all unique we will come up with separate solutions, despite the fact that we all believe that we have found absolute answers, according to the source of our guidance.

Whether we believe in the literal Fatherhood of God as the bearded old man or the Pantheist idea of God being present in all creation, from a human being to a blade of grass, or as Sai Baba explains below, this is in its essence an intellectual exercise that has no real benefit.

There are more important things for us to consider and concentrate on. Certainly we have, I believe, a completely unwarranted predilection for the anthropomorphic idea of the bearded old man as God when we have known since the beginning of time that God is ‘immortal, invisible God only wise’, and is I believe the spiritual essence of life in all things of His creation including us.

Our emphasis should be on the physical opportunities that life lays out for us to examine, to accept or reject according to our own ideas, feelings or beliefs, that can help us to move along our chosen pathway towards the enlightenment that will enable us to pursue our purpose through the Ascension process, that is presented to us in this once in a millennium lifetime.

We are here on Earth for a very good reason. It is the supreme gift that was given to us to experience the changes in this momentous time treading that delicate path of being on Earth but not of Earth. The changes are occurring around us but more importantly within us, and it is the recognition of the inherent power within, an acceptance of our true being and our complete surrender to Divine Will that is the only path to follow for our purpose to become manifest.

Baba energises us with:
Many worry themselves with questions on the multiplicity of Divinity. The same current activates the fan and gives air, illumines the bulb and gives light, heats the stove and cooks, moves the wheels around in a train. The instruments are different, but the inner energizer is the same. Some bulbs are 40 watts and some are 60, 100 or 1000 watts. Hence, though the current is one, the illumination varies.
Name and form are not essential, focus on the inner truth. Take the case of your own body – the hand is a limb of the body, the hand has fingers, the fingers have nails and so on. Through every part of this and every other limb, flows the same life force. So too, in this universe, which is the body of God, every being is a part, sustained by the same divine essence. So honour everyone, revere the essential Divine.
Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 6, Ch 25.

Where is the Divine in your life?
Your faith enables you to believe in God whom you cannot see, prove exists or does not exist. What you believe is the only matter of importance. Understanding that what you believe can affect your whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence implies that it is of the utmost importance to look at every facet of belief and if it no longer rings true for you then you have the opportunity to change. So what do you believe and where is the Divine in your belief?
Loving thoughts and beliefs, David


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