It seems that those who get on in this world show a degree of bravery, if that is the right word, verging on almost not caring a fig for anything or anyone!
Even when it all goes wrong they soon pick themselves up and start again. The rest of us just seem to get hit pretty hard when something doesn’t happen the way we want or plan. The phrase ‘Failure is good, it’s the way we learn.’ is bandied about, and probably right!

Well if you ask those concerned they would probably not admit that they are anything out of the ordinary, so it’s down to us to find the right path to success. There is a fundamental failing among most of us that we fail to appreciate. As we have said before: ‘It is never done’. So don’t keep expecting it to be completed. Can it be as simple as that?

Let’s just look back a bit and see where we have come from. We can then say,
‘I see where you’re coming from.’ Even if you’re not entirely sure where you are heading. Whether you believe in Reincarnation or not, I can honestly say, you have been here before and probably many times, so if you could access all that experience you could be a wise old bird, or not!

Trouble is the veil is drawn and we are not privy to what has gone before for a very good reason. We would be shocked out of our boots if we could see what we’ve been up to in the past, but hopefully, at the same time, we’ve been making the most of every chance at life, desiring the most, the best and the greatest every time.

Another trouble of course is that as soon as we want something and it doesn’t happen we count ourselves failures, and sadly the expected accolades turn into criticisms, from those nearest and dearest as well as from those we look up to, but most of all from ourselves. We try our best and then get hit by some condition or dis-ease and immediately look round for someone to blame.

Why is that? We should be looking towards the future with nothing but anticipation, desiring the next thing to happen for the best. As we have said nothing is ever finished and, living in the backwoods of Spain, that has been brought home so strongly to me. They don’t have the finances for the finesse, or maybe the inclination, that we would look for. Rough brick walls are left with no render or paint, doors and windows don’t keep out the rain, and it is said that after Columbus, when the Spanish stopped making ships, they forgot how to waterproof anything. Well they have a lot of sun so it will soon dry out!

If there is a proverb in here it is probably ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. But that has never been my way and it is a hard lesson to learn to admit that nothing is ever finished and all is in a state of becoming. But that’s exactly how it is. We are all travellers, sailors on the same ship called Eternity that ploughs the myriad rough oceans of life after life, in which even if we feel that a life is a shipwreck the lifeboat of Desire will save us every time.

Keep imagining that beautiful lifeboat that can never sink, it can only carry you forward into a brighter future by you never stopping Desiring and looking forward all the time for the next best, bright and beautiful horizon. The past is past so leave it there, and keep looking forward with Desire in your heart and in the prow of your mind.

Just remember that actually you cannot fail for you are the instrument of becoming, desiring and trying your best in every moment, and in the form of the figurehead it is Desire that looks forward keeping you focused on the future constantly, if only you will allow her to lead the way.
Love, David.


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