There is a problem for most of us in that we allow other emotional responses to build in our consciousness at the expense of Peace.

Without the rigorous training that we would have received in say a Tibetan Monastery, and we would be tempted to say that life in the remote mountain wilderness of Tibet would perhaps lend itself to a more peaceful existence, in our world where there are too many temptations to descend into being of the world instead of living in the world.

But think about it, with your country under the iron fist of the invader China whether their presence is just or not, for most it would be a far more tempting life than say living in rural England.

We allow ourselves to enter into conflict by all the temptations: our reaction to an errant motorist, the charge received from the bank when you had made every effort to stay in the black, the refuse collector who inadvertently spilt rubbish on your front lawn. There are many other scenarios of your own that you can fill your mind with, you see, instead of leaving it free for peace, you are tempted to fill it with conflict.

When we say that the only way peace will come to the world is by allowing peace to enter your own being first, you can see how important it is to remain on the alert to ensure that nothing gets in its way. Strangely though we allow ourselves to become filled with every conflict that is its opposite!

Dawn Katar brings these words from Kuthumi:
From this moment and in all moments, you can choose Peace. Where is conflict still expressing in your life? For some it is in certain relationships. Let go of needing to be right. For some it is in traffic. Let go of needing to control. For others it is in politics. Let go of fear of being controlled. Enjoying the Peace that is forever with you is about letting go.
Ascended Master Kuthumi
Peace be with you and within you always, David


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1 Response to CONFLICT

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Dear David,

    I wish I could be ENTIRELY in agreement with you and with the ascended Master Kuthumi, but I afraid I can not.
    I can not because I am human and as a human, peace is an almost unknown word or feeling to me.Why that is ?
    Well, I could lie to you and tell you that it is my deepest endeavour to become “patient” but it is not. Even Jesus told His disciples that He had not come to bring Peace on Earth but rather that His name would be the sword that would divide parents and children, nations against nations while we are still OF the world.
    Of course, it would be (rather) easy not to shout names at the careless driver in front of you. By the way, you are, mostly, the only one to hear the insults you bark , no one else, except your fellow passengers, will witness your lack of self control.
    Peace, in that very instance, would be to grant the others the same respectful forgiving attitude you so often reserve for yourself. But how long can we show such a nice attitude when in traffic ?

    No, PEACE is not something you can find easily. It takes many failures before one can totally be sure to have vanquished our too human trait of IM-Patience. If ever!!!
    When the Master Kuthumi mentions that it is necessary to be in peace with our politicians, not because of fear of being controlled, but to find Peace in ourselves, I dare say, again, that I am not able to applaud nor accept this advice at face value. Of course, if we have deliberately and freely chosen our leaders, then there is no good reason not to be at peace with how these politicians will carry out the duties we hoped they would be right for.
    Laws, human laws, are made, hopefully, to protect us rather than be sources of conflicts which they try to avoid anyway. But tell me how many of us have not wished those laws did not exist for they seem to restrict our … rights!!

    Peace, unfortunately, is not of this earth… Not even in the most saint of sanctuaries.

    To end my diatribe, I would just remind us all that : ” He who wants peace, prepares himself for (a possible) war.” “Qui vis pacem, para bellum!!” said the Romans, and there is nothing new under the Sun.

    May Love and Light be our most cherished riches.


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