Confused? You could be.
There is a tendency to stick with those, not only of like mind but also of like intelligence so that we would not feel less-than or overawed by others. In this situation, where we are all as confused as one another, to be able to break out of the void of unknowing is almost impossible.

It is true that some word-smiths tend to over glorify their prose. Whether this is a deliberate attempt to hide from or confuse the general masses, to limit their readership to a defined market of similar scribes or because they know no other way is for them to decide, or maybe they are just oblivious to their oblique style.

However it seems to me that there is a real possibility that they are missing a huge bulk of readership that might otherwise benefit from their knowledge and experience. If only they could appreciate this need to share in an understandable way and write in shorter and more easily understood paragraphs!

And to those who might feel, as I have at times, reading and trying to understand those who, without even trying, do appear to be more remote but with a definite, if hidden message to convey is the kind of mind stretching exercise that does have obvious benefits, in the long term. Promise!

This is possibly one of the mental exercises like crosswords and word games that, I was going to say are beneficial, but more than that I should say essential, like regular physical exercise, to keep the mind and brain as active and energetic as possible, thus avoiding any atrophy or mind apnoea induced state that might otherwise occur. Trusting always that understanding will emerge.

In business we would often have a brainstorming session to see what off-the-cuff if strange, unscripted ideas might emerge that could lead to revelation! That is without the invitation of others from outside to whom we did not wish to reveal our innermost secrets!

However on reflection this was probably not the best of plans since a room full of limited ideas all at the same level would hardly ever, even intuitively, produce the required result. Better by far to invite a fresh mind with a new perspective to produce the required mental jump. But I wonder how often this is done in business today?

Sometimes it pays to look outside of your familiar group to find that new inspiration, and there are many teachers accessible via the Internet to satisfy your need, but choosing the right one for you may take time. So away from the business scenario and coming home, to the business in hand so to speak, the energies that are flooding planet Earth in the present moment are, like it or not, propelling us all forward into the Ascension process.

It is true that some will find this very difficult to manage, not understanding the surges of energy that are changing our physical bodies, but also our mental capacities and thought processes which are probably the most difficult and confusing of opportunities for us to handle.

Swings in mood are one of the changes and challenges that are becoming more and more apparent and your HPT is the ideal time to bring those swings from all directions into a common and balanced level of acceptance and understanding. In this way achieving that point of balance, that blessing of bliss through every moment of elation, pain or joy will light the way and lead you to the beginnings of enlightenment.

Some will find the following of Gurus, Masters or Prophets of all persuasions helpful, although it is said that their time is over, but a more personal linking with the Ascension pathway is desired, where not so much looking outside, but looking within could bring the necessary steps of opening doors, of revelation.

This post was inspired by these words from Abraham:
A bunch of weak people, even in numbers, aren’t strong. Get a whole bunch of confused people together and see how much clarity comes out of it. In other words, you just can’t add one more confused person to the pot, and expect to get any more clarity… One-standing outside of the confused group-who is clear, is more powerful than a million who are confused.

When we attend our temple, church or synagogue we expect a lot from those who have accepted the responsibility to lead and we place this huge load of bringing the light of clarity, to make sense of confusing messages, onto their willing shoulders. As they stand alone in their pulpit send them your love.

I hope and trust that you find the Messengers a helpful guide-rail along the pathway to Ascension. With Love, David


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3 Responses to CONFUSED

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi, David … a cordial salute to you and to all the readers of your post. May we all get the most of these profound words and become a little bit less confused as lecture goes on.
    My question is : ” Why are some of us more confused than others?” and ” Why then, do we resign ourselves to stay in the group of the confused ?”. To be confused, says the dictionary, is to bring to ruin. It adds immediately that this is the archaic sense of the verb. Does that mean that our confusion prone mind, does ONLY bring ruin to ourselves ? Maybe, and some of us will never get out of the tribulations caused by confusion. Vegetating in the dark, our road illuminated, only once in a while, by the words of those, we believe, know their way out.
    That is why, and I do so agree with you, that a enormous responsibility lies on the shoulders of those who THINK they have been granted the mission of guiding their fellowmen through the arid desert.
    It is also tremendously important that whoever guides the blinds uses words that everyone can understand. If the words are simple and down to earth EVERYONE will be able to grasp them, whether humble peasants or proud clerics. The TRUTH does not need complicated terms and should always be straightforward. When the time has come to climb the Ascension Mount those who are weathered pioneers should help those who, by wearing the wrong shoes, are afraid of tumbling down instead of going up. That is why, before starting the voyage, those who KNOW should prepare the group and tell them what the correct attire will be.
    We need to leave behind all our prejudices and misunderstandings and be free as the TRUTH promises us to make us. And, I do believe, that this will not be the easiest part of the TRIP to the Ascension Mount.
    Thank you David and also thanks to Abraham for telling us that it is not how great the group of the perplexed is that will matter but rather if they can find him or her that will guide them, with love and understanding, up the arduous Ascension Mount.

    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read your post.


  2. cat says:

    I’m overawed all the time … help me, please … Love, cat.

  3. davidtenn says:

    Dear Cat, It is true this may not be the best medium in which to have a 2 way. You can contact me directly on: if you wish. Love David

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