Do they still have a ladies invitation dance?
I remember when I was a demonstration partner at the Old Time Dance Club, at the Imperial Hotel in Barnstaple, Devon England, more years ago than I care to remember, though probably around 1958, there was a Ladies Invitation and it was us men who became the wallflowers, if temporarily!

But in my late teens I was ignorant of the inner world that would become my other life than my physical existence at the time, drawn as I was to the spiritual aspect of life on Earth, but that would come later, and the church sufficed for the time being.

And God said: ‘My promise to you is to give you what you ask. Your promise is to ask.’ But be careful what you ask for as too much for the self will result in replies that will teach you how asking for others will be more beneficial for you in the longer term.

Requests should therefore be specific after a great deal of thought to make sure that what you ask for is exactly what you want, and more importantly what you believe you need.

We are blessed with those intermediaries who speak for God who hear our prayers and requests and under his direction can respond with our best interests at heart and it is these voices, that often we mistake for the voice of God, but if you are a regular reader here, you will know come through many channels and in many guises which we have named under the broad term of Angels.

Rising above tripping the light fantastic of the dance floor for the moment, excuse me ladies, in our aspirations through the ascension process, we naturally look more and more to the inner world to the manifestation of the spiritual counterparts to our efforts in the physical*. We constantly make requests to our guides and angelic helpers to aid our progression in our daily HPT (Highly Precious Time).

Many are intensely personal but some requests are broad enough to be shown as beneficial for all and it is one such that has been given by Serapis Bey and channelled through Dawn Katar as follows:
At your request, I initiate you into your next available highest frequencies. Feel your crown Chakra vibrating with electrical current and allow yourself to bring all of that energy down through your body. Claim Peace in this new energy and get ready for all that you will now be aware of. New life brings new Peace.
Ascended Master Serapis Bey

* We should be aware that the counterparts of the physical are in fact the forerunners, the structures of belief that predict and promote our physical selves and the world as we see it and in fact create.
Won’t you, ladies and gentlemen, join me in the dance?
With Love, David


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