It is often said that there is resentment by those on the spiritual path when obstacles stand in their way, as if they feel that divine retribution falls on them for things done or left undone. (See Sai Baba later.)

But in our experience those who tread this narrow path are given more to address, the further along the path they progress. So what does ‘more to address’ really mean, and is this a consequence of having the temerity to assume that we are indeed on the way to the first rung of the ladder of enlightenment?

It seems that there are those who, the further they progress the more they demand of themselves, and the harder they are on themselves when they judge themselves harshly, and in my view erroneously, for not being where they believe they should be. It seems if you gave then a scourge they would be happy!

So any judgement is personal and certainly not divine in nature or origin!

Of course when you look at your origin: one of the divine sparks, then naturally that aspect of origin is Divine for in the decision to live this life in this way, in this place, as a member of this family etc., you, as a divine spark made sure that the set-ups would be manifest for you to provide through this dense and difficult existence the experience for growth of your divine self, your soul, deemed necessary for your development by your higher self.

We have explained before now that if you find yourself in chaos give thanks, for you are being given the opportunity to use your gifts and talents to prove your worth and deal with your set-ups. Remember, anything that comes your way is there because you asked for it or attracted it consciously or unconsciously.

It’s almost as if you were cementing your stepping stones on the path you have decided to take. So don’t mock it, get angry with it or resent it. This is how it is meant to be and deep down this is how you wanted it! When each test is passed, each obstacle viewed as a molehill, not a mountain and therefore stepped over easily, you will legitimately be one step further on the path towards that first rung!

As promised beloved Sai Baba has this to say:
Obstacles that come in the way are often treated with a certain amount of resentment by the pilgrims on the spiritual path. But these tests are to be treated as a means of ensuring safety. You drive a nail into the wall to place a picture thereon; but before hanging the photo, you try to see whether the nail has been well driven by shaking it; when you are certain it does not move a bit even when all your strength is used, you have the confidence to hang the picture on it. You must welcome tests because it gives you confidence and it ensures promotion.
Divine Discourse, Sep 8, 1966.
With Love, David


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  1. I Was told years ago David that ” Out of Chaos comes Clarity” from some of my friends from the other side.. Obstacles come to strengthen us, so true

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