We spoke before about preferring Love to Fear bringing up our children, well I have to say – in all aspects of our lives! Many of you I am certain will say, ‘well that’s obvious’, but some through fault of circumstance may be reduced to the opposite view. And to be frank we all need to look deeply into our conscious mind to see exactly where our fear lies. Are you afraid you won’t be able to pay the bills? It may sound daft but it is a simple as that. Where are your fears?

I say opposite view because Fear is indeed the opposite to Love in the way we live and treat others, but also in the far more fundamental aspect of our consciousness and how that affects us as individuals and all around us.

As with every idea, thought and basic belief that we hold, each has its own vibration that, like it or not, is emitted like a wave that exudes from our being affecting our space, our reality and others whom we live with or meet. There is no getting away from it: how we are inside affects everything outside too.
Hence you could say this accounts for the way you take an instant dislike to someone since they show what they are like before a word is spoken or you shake hands, and you feel it!

[Stop Press!! Clean up your act inside immediately!]

Fundamental research into the human Gene has revealed that out of a possible 64 DNA Codes only 20 are activated in the average person, and the switch that turns them on? Well its emotion. Now you know what the expression: “Whatever turns you on” really means!

So what is it that turns you on? Well apart from a stage that many of us go through, watching horror movies expecting, (or hoping?), to be frightened out of my wits but 9 times out of 10 finding them all a bit pathetic, Love wins hands down! It has been proven that the vibration of Fear is slow while the frequency of Love is fast. With a faster vibration the number of chances to turn on the Codes is vastly increased.

So here’s the thing: Everything is connected! As if you didn’t know that fundamental fact by now. What you think and what you believe and how you view the world and others affects you and your whole ability to function. And don’t forget that your DNA is present in every one of the trillions of cells that make up your amazing body and brain, so if there was a ‘Swingometer’ to measure the level of fear versus love in your thinking, where would you stand? Because that level of your emotion is going to affect your totality. That’s not just your physical and mental make up, but your whole reality and the world you see around you. So if you are not happy with what you feel and what you see, it’s down to you my friend!

Your HPT is the most important few minutes of your day. It is here that you are able, deeply and honestly, to look and examine the ideas and beliefs that you hold on every subject that you have ever considered. Take out your spiritual dustpan and brush and get into all the corners making sure nothing is left stagnant but turned over and examined. Then you can change whatever needs changing and ditch what is no longer needed!

If there are any dark recesses where fear lurks, and it could be, as you’ve seen, on the simplest of subjects, route it out and replace it with positive loving vibration and trust that the way will be clear. Remembering always that there are no such things as problems only opportunities for you to work through, whatever chaos presents itself to you, in the highest frequency of love.

Take the simplest scenario of a candle, representing love and light, taken into a totally dark room representing fear, the little candle lights up the whole room instantly. The same cannot be said of the reverse and a box of darkness taken into a lighted room makes no difference. Love wins every time!

With Love and Light, David


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2 Responses to FEAR & LOVE

  1. Love does win every time David, a beautiful post. We are all evolving , as we lift up our thoughts to those higher vibrations of love and light we also alter internally as we blend with those vibrations,.. Sound is playing a part also at this moment a subject for the future For we are all of us a frequency of sound also…
    We just need to tune our tuning forks and resonate in that balance of harmonic frequency, ‘Love’ and Inner Peace…..

    Be well David,, sorry not been around had a great Workshop weekend with some physical phenomena and saw and Heard some AMAZING things!….look up http://www.scottmilligan.net/
    A very genuine young man Ive known for around 7 yrs and he is getting Better and BETTER!…

    Take care.. Love and Light ~

  2. davidtenn says:

    Hello Sue, Many thanks and glad you enjoyed your workshop. So true we are indeed sound as well as light. Difficult sometimes to see the invisible light and to hear the inaudible sound but they are ever present. Love David

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