Do you feel that you are not being heard?
Maybe it’s the fact that the children have reached that age, as they all do at some time, when they believe that adults, especially parents, know nothing. At least that’s our experience in a society that is non too rigid in their upbringing, where we preferred love to fear. Possibly different in other corners of the world.

I believe in teaching respect, especially to the younger generation and between cultures and religions, but it has always worried me that in some parts of the world youngsters have to refer to their fathers as Sir! That seems to be taking parental respect a little too far towards the military, and allows fear to enter into the relationship, and I wonder if they do indeed cow-tow out of fear not agreeing at all with what the adult says? But maybe that’s just my fear!

But back to the voice: Maybe it’s just that no one wants to hear what you have to say, and even if you shout, your voice still seems too small to be heard or understood. Maybe you need to change your audience? Well if that is the case you may understand the following scenario:

Imagine for a moment that you are a radio receiver as is everyone else on the planet. There is a central broadcasting station, a bit like the BBC that transmits in 27 languages, but this one sends out the same message in every language and at the same volume. All you have to do is listen. But admittedly you will need to listen in the quiet as the voice is tender, gentle and may seem small.

Many of course are unaware of the possibility, others do not wish to be influenced away from their own thoughts, some know the messages are there but choose to ignore them. Many do not like to admit that there are indeed sources of information and important messages to hear apart from those received through one or more of the 5 senses!

But if the broadcaster were to undertake an audience survey to see how many were listening they would feel much as you do when no one takes notice of your small voice. That’s if the broadcaster were like any earth bound broadcaster, but you see that’s not the case here!

This central source of the messages is the ultimate in benign and loving parenthood for the messages are sent unconditionally, allowing each one of us to listen or not, take notice or not or totally ignore as a gift of free choice.

You don’t have to shut yourself away in a dark room, a convent or monastery to hear what’s being said, a brisk walk in the country is good to blow away the cobwebs, and being away from the daily hubbub gives you the opportunity to hear messages that are on the wind, in the rustle of leaves, the rushing of a river, in the beat of your feet when running on the track, doing your job, or even in the distant roar of the motorway.

Dawn sent us this message from Archangel Gabriel:
Today, listen to the call of Spirit. It is called the ‘still small voice’. It can be heard in the wind and the rustling of birds and critters. It can be heard in raindrops meeting the surface of the window. As you listen to the call of Spirit, you will hear the message of Peace. You will (have) focused on the joy of listening.

Ah! The Joy of listening!
When you prepare your space for your HPT, be it indoors or out, expect to be joyful. Allow the message of happiness to percolate along the activated airwaves and into your very being. Listen with love and receive Love in the message of Peace. With Love & Peace, David.

PS. We will be speaking more on the aspects of Love and Fear later.


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2 Responses to SMALL VOICE

  1. I enjoyed this David, and yes we can listen to that voice when and where ever we are and I agree about the respecting with the younger generation.. … Reminds me of a poem I wrote in the 90’s I hope you do not mind me sharing with you here..

    When God created man, he gave us certain choices
    As well as all our senses he provided inner voices.
    A voice that you can listen to, or if you choose ignore.
    A voice that’s there for everyone, if you open up that door.

    It tells us what is right from wrong, if we choose to listen.
    Choices are our own to make, we’re responsible for our decisions.
    Sometimes the choices that we make have been a big mistake.
    And by the actions in our choice, have created much heartache.

    We neglect to listen to that voice, that’s there to help and guide.
    And often follow selfishness, and push the voice aside.
    But be sure, that voice will be heard, if not now then later.
    For we can’t escape that inner voice, when we meet our maker.

    So if you hear that little voice, and you know it’s right.
    Try to follow where it leads; be sure it knows your plight.
    It’s always there to help you, to guide you in your choice.
    And if you know it’s right for you, you’ll know you’ve heard the voice.
    (c) Sue Dreamwalker

  2. davidtenn says:

    Not only don’t I mind Sue, I love it and thank you. Love David

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