I just love this – it makes me feel so much better! So thank you Abraham.
Being a Taurean I tend to ask advice and then do my own thing, and when given free advice I tend to say ‘No I don’t think so!’ But I’m learning.

I remember as a parent governor of the school, where my eldest attended, the Headmaster asked me what he should do about a parent who complained that her son would never stick at anything, trying one after school club this week and another the next, running through the whole gambit of available options.

I could only relate that we had the greatest joy as parents when the girls wanted to try various instruments to see which one suited them best and encouraged them at every stage to try new things and get as much experience before making a firm choice.

From the age of three the youngest danced and ballet was her love, but encouraged by the ballet school, and us, to try a musical instrument she went for a silver flute which seemed to go very well with the ‘Magic Flute’ and all!

The eldest followed me on the piano and supplemented the ivories with the liquorice stick of the clarinet, soon however to be replaced by a much sexier golden saxophone! No problem, and briefly dabbled with the guitar if memory serves. The fact that the piano and the dance are all that was retained by them is just as it should be. They both now teach.

So the purpose of these recollections is only to reinforce the message from Abraham and agree wholeheartedly with his advice to say ‘Yes’.
And here it is:
Say yes to whatever it is. Because if you say yes to it and then you get in the middle of it, and you say, “Uh oh, this isn’t really turning out the way I wanted it to,” then out of that is born another desire. And as you say yes to that, then it turns out. And you say, “Well, it’s still not quite right.” So you have another desire… Until eventually you get it exactly right. You cannot get it wrong. No creation is ever complete. Just do it.

The moral, if you need one, is don’t believe those who would call you grasshopper or fly-by-night do your own thing, whether you are 9 or 90, try everything until you get the happiness and pleasure you so richly deserve.
Don’t thing of completion let desire rule. Be happy, Love David


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3 Responses to NEVER COMPLETE

  1. eugene1941 says:

    I can’t agree more, dear David, with one you and Abraham are telling us. Yes, why stick to something you have discovered you did not like ? Of course, very often there are financial problems and families resent buying a grand piano when the child is not yet convinced if, after all, it will not want an mouth harmonica instead. One must be reasonable in one’s wishes. Flirting with almost everything under the sun is not the best way to achieve a goal… but, I agree, it permits you to have more experience about what you like and… don’t like.
    When I read Abraham’s advice again, I perceive something else … One should never be stuck in the mud and in despair, when all it takes is a good look around to see that, maybe, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
    I dare hope that what you and Mr.Abraham are saying is not to be too easily bored with everything that you encounter but rather to be always on the alert and aware that there are more fish in the sea than the one you hold in your hand. (Don’t you all laugh too hard, I could hear you !!!)

    Being happy is one of the great aims of humans in Life, isn’t it ? Well let us all try, and together, to be happy humans.

  2. I so agree David and as a fellow Taurean I’m smiling here … if we say no we close the door to the energy of learning.. saying Yes opens that door, it my lead us down many different corridors but each one has other doors leading off from it… Learning is a series of trial and errors of saying yes and changing ones mind as another Yes comes along.. šŸ™‚ Blessings Sue

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