I remember standing by this boat designed to carry the Pharaoh Khufu in the afterlife and thinking that it would not hold water! But then the concept of the afterlife is a symbolic life where only symbols matter, we were taught that the Astral is a mental existence, much as the full size army of terracotta soldiers and retainers that has stood for centuries to serve the Chinese Emperor in the realm of Souls are purely symbolic to us but believed by the emperor and all his minions as being necessary for a continued, glorious mind based after life!

Fit for purpose takes on a whole new meaning when considering life after death. But what about fitness in life? Sages over the centuries have encouraged us to keep fit in body, mind and spirit. Being a Taurean, that’s my excuse, I’ve never taken to jogging – 100yds down the road and I nearly died of apoplexy! And that was thirty years ago. Now would you believe at this late stage I suddenly woke up to the fact that I should try to keep the old frame in trim?

So we now have a machine that can massage the whole body after strain to restore the muscles to their natural tensions, I do simple exercises morning and evening and try to do a 30 minute walk at least twice a week to keep the body toned. Well it’s a start! Oh yes and essential eye exercises as well, after laser treatment and seeing the need to pay more attention to those valuable orbs, with, I have to say, a nudge from the boys upstairs as well!

The mind? Well, scrabble once or twice a week, crosswords at night and Seth for reading and T. S. Elliot & Tolkien at the moment for poetry.

I suppose Seth spills over into the Spirit as well together with the HPT that enables the meeting point for Mind, Spirit and Soul, the Indweller or otherwise passive, silent Witness. The HPT meeting point gives the opportunity for the Soul to be heard by both the Mind and the Spirit. It’s called keeping to purpose – just as essential as keeping physically fit.

If you want true fitness of Soul, Spirit and Mind you should take note of this possibility.

Sai Baba has this to say:
The body is but a boat, an instrument for crossing the sea of births and deaths, that you have earned through the merits of many generations. Crossing the sea is to realise the Dweller, in the Dwelling.
The purpose of the body (deha) is to realize the Indweller (Dehi). So even when the body is strong and skilled, the intellect is sharp and the mind alert, every effort must be made to seek the Indweller.
So keep your body fit, strong and free from trouble. Just as the boat should be seaworthy, your body too should be fit for its purpose. You must take good care of it.
Divine Discourse, Aug 3, 1966.

Remember to exercise every aspect of your being, including the spiritual, with the constant thought that practice makes perfect, well, not that I believe in perfect, but close maybe!
Love David


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2 Responses to FITNESS

  1. I try…. 🙂 the winter I go walking more.. in the spring and summer the garden and allotments keep my muscles going…. .. My mind! ….. knitting patterns, and Blogging, poetry and reading, along with the odd Wordsearch puzzle.. But my best fitness tip is to do some Qi Gong exercises, as we breathe in the energy with gentle stretching and mind visualisation. Bliss!

  2. davidtenn says:

    Must try Gi Gong! Looking for a DVD to follow. Love David

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