I watched an interview with the first black woman, Toni Morrison, to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature today, what a great lady, whose works seemed mainly to be fiction based on the racism that existed and still exists today in America society and we know is prevalent in many cultures round the world.

Although she did say that the young are not really interested since many are now of mixed race and the black music, poetry and dance are unmistakable throughout USA society, it will, she remarked take time and generations to eradicate racism from the consciousness of the masses.

It struck me as shameful that we still cannot respect one another for who we are, for the pathways we choose and the religions we follow.

Is it so outrageous a desire to see an end to racism? I remember some 25 years ago when I had the outrageous desire to become a healer and attended a residential course on healing and we were split into two groups, red and blue. After lunch as instructed all us red members assembled in the allotted room when a stranger, a black man walked in. I said to him, ‘Are you blue?’ and he replied ‘No I’m black,’ and laughed. I said ‘Oh! I’m sorry I’m colour blind, but I think you are in the wrong room.’ It was the start of a brief but beautiful friendship.

Without desire there is no forward movement for the human race. We need to look forward all the time otherwise we are in danger of entering a state in which our life can become a totally wasted, static experience. It is a fear that many have when contemplating impending retirement. When every waking moment has been spent putting all their energy and thought into their job, they fear not having the same inspiration to guide them forward in their latter years.

With all my interests, and I have to say outrageous desires, I wonder how I ever had time to work. There are still not enough hours in a day! This I suppose is the sadness of the corporate ethos that you must give your all to the company, to the job. There is therefore no time left for the family and certainly no room for being outrageous, so it is no wonder many fear the loss of that life which they see as their total existence when the time comes to as they say:
Get a life!

Luckily I loved my jobs, all of them. But when the moment came to give up for health reasons in fact I was still fully employed in my other life so to speak.
My advice is for you to be outrageous! And if your job doesn’t allow you that time and space then find one that does. After all making loads of money is not the be all and end all of existence.

Abraham puts it like this:
Desire summons Life Force. If we must continue to be alive, we must continue to have new desire. You are not willing to let yourself outrageously want because when you outrageously want something that you haven’t found a way of getting, it is too uncomfortable, and the risk feels too great. We’re wanting you to hear that there is no risk at all! Fantasize and watch what happens.
Now that is good advice! Take it with love and dare to be outrageous, David.
PS. Don’t wait until you are forced out, make time and space now!


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