As a race we all breathe badly!
We seem all to be in such a rush that, as it’s an automatic reflex for the basic maintenance of life, without conscious intervention, we don’t give it a second thought. But maybe we should!

It has been known within select circles of complimentary practitioners, healers and therapists for many moons now, that proper breathing is essential for the maintenance of good health. Naturally, because we are human and of differing backgrounds and cultures, it goes without saying that we may vary in what we consider to be the correct technique to employ when it comes to breathing.

But as any guide to meditation will lead you: when you take those first deep breaths and follow your breath, as the prelude to HPT or meditation, you can actually feel the tension disappearing from your back, shoulders and arms with each successive breath. And this is just the start.

So I offer you the following that has at last been accepted by some, not all admittedly, but some conventional health care practitioners as the most health giving method to follow.

When you are sitting comfortably with as straight a back as is right for you and with hands loosely clasped in the lap take one deep breath and then exclude the air. Then:

Breath in quite fast to a count of 4.
Hold the breath in for a count of 7.
Breath out slowly for a count of 8.

When you breathe in, feel your tummy expand before the lungs, then feel the lower and then the upper portion of the lungs fill with air.
As you hold the air for the count of 7 know that you are giving time for the nutrients in the air including the vital oxygen to be absorbed into the body.
When you breathe out understand that over the long count of 8 you are allowing the lungs completely to empty and allow the unwanted air and debris including the carbon dioxide to be utterly excluded from your system.

This method allows the lungs to expand to their full capacity which also has the effect of internally massaging the other vital internal organs of the body, by the movement of the diaphragm. When following this procedure for the first time you may become a little dizzy as the amount of oxygen being brought to the brain will be more than it was used to. It follows therefore that this should not be done while driving a car or operating machinery but sitting quietly, at least to begin with, until you are used to the method.

What you are also doing by following this procedure, and I recommend that you do this at least three times a day for as many breaths as is comfortable for you, is to bring peace into your whole body as explained in Archangel Zadkiel’s message, brought to us by Dawn Katar:

Finding your Peace might seem challenging at times, yet the deeper you continue to breathe you are letting go of stress and undisciplined thoughts. Peace lives within you. You need to discard the debris that is hiding it from you. Acquire patience with your persistent practice. Let all debris of thought and tightly wound energy be released in your breath, allowing this mighty tool to rearrange the debris into particles of Light.
Archangel Zadkiel

With Love and blessings, David


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thanks to Zadkiel for the message, and thanks to you David for passing it on to us along with .. “how to use” breathing.
    Love and Light to you and all those who will read your post.

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