Oh yes we are brought up on the Work Ethic!
It’s only the ones who flog themselves to death that ever achieve fame and fortune we are told. I’ve often wondered why we entrust our health and often our lives to the medics who work 48 hour shifts and more in our hospitals and become so exhausted that mistakes are commonplace.

It is this ethic, without a proper balance of any kind that ruins relationships, destroy marriages and causes breakdowns of the most deadly sort.

My question is: Are you happy working the way you do? Are you conscious of the risks you take or do you think that they do not apply to you?

Remembering that energy flows where attention goes, your attention on the problem of lack of money, so you work harder or choose a path that may pay well but has the potential to ruin your life as well, only multiplies the problem and you invite the conditions of lack of money into your life. And the more you concentrate on a problem, whatever the problem is, the bigger the problem gets and the more money you will want.

The remedy involves a radical change of belief. When you understand that your attention to problems only multiplies the problems, only then will your fundamental belief structure allow itself to be changed.

I have always believed that I will have enough and often it has proved so to the penny! Like when we wanted to buy a house but weren’t sure, but on checking the bank balance there was exactly that amount in the account.

Only when I was persuaded to follow a different path did my company fail and all came to grief. Even when made redundant, not once but twice, did I have just enough to get by. On each occasion I believed I would find another job and so it proved.

How can the prime directive of happiness be achieved if we follow the work ethic as preached by those we look up to in commerce and industry. A time is fast approaching when we and they will have to rethink the excesses of the past and this has been brought closer by the recent world recession when the worth of currencies has begun to wobble into almost worthlessness as foretold in the past.

We must learn to live with less, live on less and believe less is good. It is only when we begin to live this new ethic that we will be able to have the happiness that we were gifted from the beginning.

This will take much heart searching and your HPT (Highly Precious Time) is the ideal time and space where you will be able conscientiously to search your consciousness and ensure that your beliefs are changing to the new way, the only way forward for mankind.
With Love, David


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