I was taught that the ages of man run in periods of seven years and having reached my tenth era, full three score years and ten it seems to me that in each age of man the most difficult thing to control is the mind.

In my meagre studies I came to know the teachings of the master Jeshua as the gospel of love and the words of the Buddha as the gospel of mind. The latter appeared dry to me, but maybe that was because I was just not ready to understand the real control of mind.

Whoever you talk to of whatever religion there is a common agreement that it is relatively easy to control the bodily senses and movements but the real difficulty is control of all that happens in the brain box, the software that runs the hardware of the brain. And when stepping out on the pathway to meditation the monkey chatter is the most tiresome to stop!

Meditation is not for all and many will tell you that their idea of meditation is not so much sitting in the silence but either a way of working, playing a sport or walking in the woods. And that I understand as well.

Each of us is gifted with a conscience, the gift of knowing right from wrong. This is the basic key to wisdom that leads us on to greater things to the higher state of the human condition if only we will allow it, the ladder that leads to the beginning of enlightenment.

Control of the mind gives us the greatest opportunity for health of the body mind and spirit. The consciousness of every cell in the body is subservient to the master consciousness of the mind. Recognition of this important fact will bring understanding that we are what we believe.

The search for happiness through worldly things will only bring attachment, worry, disenchantment and consequently poor health. Happiness is a level of consciousness and depends therefore not on the outer world but on the inner control of the mind.

Sai Baba puts it like this:
This is an ancient observation true even today – that most people spend their childhood in pranks and play, their youth in sports, pleasure and pastime, middle age in plans and schemes to pile up a fortune, and old age in hospitals trying to bolster failing health through failing wealth.
Earning and spending, one fills their time with work and worry. People are busy with a number of attempts to earn happiness, but success is little and short-lived. The only panacea for all ills, the effort that will result in total victory is the control of the mind, which is the master of the senses.
Every sense organ is an outlet for energy that binds one to the objective world. The senses are induced by the mind to move out and attach themselves to objects. You must make the mind submit to viveka (wisdom), which discriminates between right and wrong. Then the mind, instead of harming, will help you.
Divine Discourse, Oct 2, 1965.

Love David


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2 Responses to AGES of MAN

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David .. you are so right to quote Sai Baba and yes, indeed, the mind controls the body and rarely the contrary happens. We have so many examples of this “reality” : the butterflies is the stomach when one is in love, the excruciating pains before an exam or an interview, the terrible disease we call “Alzheimer” . Each shows that our mind (or spirit) is the boss over our body. The mind can make you well or destroy you if you are not attentive to its warnings; for when the toll bell rings it is often too late There is a saying in French (my mother tongue) that reminds us that “if youth knew and old could ” the world would be a better place.
    Often we rely on soothsayers or prophets to tell us what tomorrow will bring, but as soon as we know it we try to forget the importance of the presage and we go on destroying our own future.
    Men is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone, and I do believe it. History should serve as a recipes book for better not for worse, but we seem to be willing to try Fate by repeating the same mistakes over and over, and then blame … God or the others for our own failures.
    Humans have a sacred duty to help each other but they prefer, mostly, to apply ” me for myself and may the others take care of themselves”.
    The bell just rang .. it’s time to have lunch and fill my belly with good food. May all those who hungry know how much I love them.
    Love and Light to you. David, and to all those who will read your post.


  2. Well first I must congratulate you upon your 3score years and 10 .. I thought I had control of the mind over matter in regards to my own health .. having overcome Fybromyalgia… until last week being stuck with a virus of the flu type variety .. Which caught me firmly off guard, Hence my absence… I hope to shake myself back into gear… Thank you for you most welcome comment upon the Good Bad and Ugly David..
    Wishing you well
    Sue xox

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