I have always had the impression that quick sparkling repartee, the news or deadly discussions at the dinner table definitely do not aid digestion.

I am often accused of being in a trance or at least somewhere else, preferring – like the monks – silence to concentrate on helping the digestive process by concentrating on the benefits that the food is bringing to the body and mind and therefore the Spirit – at least that’s my excuse!

There is a lot to be said for frugal, small portion meals and all that that brings to the total self and recently we have been trying the regimen of fasting to see if that suits us. Starting in a small way we make a thin soup from cooking our mixture of vegetables, that we would eat at a normal meal, which we have at midday, a coffee at breakfast, tea in the afternoon and a drink and small toast in the evening, with as much water as we need during the rest of the day. As I say it’s a start, we believe in doing things gradually so as not to shock the body. So far we are very happy with the new system.

I read recently that the whole idea of Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper has gone out the window as it has been found that the body wants to digest food at night! Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. But like everything else in this time of discernment it is up to us to choose the right way that suits us, which means carefully listening to our bodies with an eye on the bathroom scales!

So politics and anything else that provokes excitement is out at the dinner table. I wonder if humour would be OK? Apart that is from sharing how grateful we are for all that we have and how much we appreciate our life. It would certainly make for a more peaceful repast which, lets face it, would not be a bad thing!
Enjoy with Love, David


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David… Quoting a favourite phrase of a favourite person, I will tell you that I know where you are coming from, but whether I know where you are going to is an other matter.
    I do not believe that meals should always be taken in complete silence. A nice conversation between friends can be very agreeable when shared over a well prepared repast. Sometimes it is also the only convenient moment for partners and family to share the news of the day.,while this opportunity is not always available due to work and other facetious amusements requiring one’s totally focused presence.

    May I also underline that not all monks have taken a vow of silence while I know that their refectories sometimes sound more like markets when the community is gathered for the various meals of the day.

    But then, I will promise you and myself that from now on … breakfast, lunch and supper will all be “enjoyed” in perfect quietness… Let’s hope that this will become a gratifying habit and that our digestive organs will be as pleased as we will be.

    Bon appétit !
    With Love and much Light(er) I send you and all the readers of your blog,.my warmest regards


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