You know what they say: if you look at a health or slimming magazine you will only feel fat or ugly! And still we do. We are not happy with ourselves and so we look in the hopes of finding the ultimate remedy, the perfect diet to suit us and bring us to the perfect shape and fitness.

Is that all it really is? And we go on eating … what do we call it? ‘Comfort food’ … as if that was a good enough excuse! And we need an excuse? Excuse to whom? We are only fooling ourselves.

So the question is: Are you at Peace with everything you eat and drink?
If not then change. Listen to your body during and after every meal and sure as eggs is eggs your body will let you know what does not suit, if only you are ready to listen. Oh! And try to be only three quarters full if you can!

Don’t make the mistake I’ve made in the past of cow towing to the wishes of others not to upset, not to make a fuss, not to seem faddy. Do what you know is best for you, for your sake, never mind anyone else. So that in essence you are happy with everything you consume.

Many moons ago I became involved in regularly having Kirlian photos of my aura taken, to see how I was progressing, and read up all about the enhanced energy effects shown on those amazing shots of food that had been blessed.

We now bless every morsel of food and drink that we take and Master Tsen Tsing takes a step further like this:
Are you at Peace with everything you are eating and drinking? This is not an examination of blame, shame or fear. Bless the makers of seeds. Bless the ranchers. Bless the growers and reapers. Bless the processors and handlers. Bless the preparers and cooks. Bless the grocers and marketers. Bless it all and choose Peace with every bite, every sip.

Isn’t that beautiful?
Love David


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2 Responses to DIVINE DIET

  1. Hi David,

    Loved the post and the perspective presented. For me though the question is not whether I am at peace with what I eat and drink. Frankly, I would not know.To me what matters and allows me to shift behaviour is to hold an empowering vision about how I would look like in the future if I were to eat healthy foods.



  2. Healthy food is good for the body and spirit. Great post, thank you!

    To your health,


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