Since the earliest recorded stories there have been those who tried to sell simple concoctions or just plain mineral water to their gullible public as the Elixir of Life, Patent Medicine or Herbal Tonic, often under the name of a pseudo doctor to give it credence, with varying degrees of success. Some of these doubtful liquids have even found their way into the current sodas which have their protagonists and also their detractors among the health conscious of today, claiming they are nothing short of poison to the body!

It is amazing what is bottled and sold to the ever more sceptical masses, I hope!
And it seems we will try anything to cure the slightest discomfort which we often imagine as something far worse than it really is in the hopes of killing it before it overtakes us, or should I say takes us over to an early grave!

There is the nub of our national health systems in operation in many countries today: They try to fight disease! We try to kill discomfort. Homoeopathy is on its own path that works with the problem giving it some of itself and allow the body’s immune system to work as it should. I believe that the body is capable of healing itself, if only we would give it the time and support it needs to effect its own cures.

You could site many reasons for this current trend and not without blemish the scare tactics of many of the ‘on line’ health channels who play on our vivid imaginations to get us to buy their pills and bottled potions is just one of the many powerful advertisements that we allow into our homes and into our consciousness.

Of all the vitamins and minerals we take to supplement our health, there is one element that we all seek but tend to approach in the wrong way, believing that it is up to others to provide. We look for the answer to our family quarrels, we hope for an end to disputes with our neighbours we seek the sacred infusion for international cooperation and harmony. If only we could buy it in a bottle!

Saint Germain has this to say:
If you could market Peace in a bottle, you could never sell the whole world on it. Yet, there would be some who would feel they need cases of this bottled Peace because they would not believe it can be permanent. Some would hoard it and never open the bottle. Some would throw it at others like a Peace-bomb, hoping that it would change others. Others would go out of their way to ‘prove’ that it isn’t what it claims to be.
What would you do with a bottle of Peace?

We should all know by now that this elusive element must be invoked, nurtured and allowed to expand and shine forth from inside each and every one of us before we can every hope to see anything change outside of us.
Peace be within you, Love David


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3 Responses to BOTTLED PEACE

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Yes indeed, dear David. along with Saint Germain I wonder who would buy a bottle of Peace if it were available. And if it would find amateurs, what would they do with it ? Would they keep it in a safe so that no one would ever use it, as they have too much interest in making war ? Would others drink the contains of the bottle too fast without taking the right precautions not to spill the precious liquid ? To put Peace in a bottle would, after all, not be such a good idea. Peace as to be chosen freely and consideration. Peace is not only the contrary of war but something we carry in the most profound of our hearts, sometimes it is buried too deep and we can hardly find it back. whenever we look for it. Peace, Paix, Shalom and Salaam you can find its name in all languages but what’s in a name if no one understands it.
    Peace be with you, David, and with all those who will read your post.

  2. Peace needs Freedom to spread.. like the rain upon the parched Earth,. drop by drop it falls and at first the Earth swallows it up and you see not where its been.. But when enough Droplets fall together over a long period of time.. Oceans are created.. We need it to being One drop at a time.. until each has its Elixir at Heart.. As we spread it out in a Ripple effect .. We then have created a World of Peace.
    A Dreamwalker’s Dream..
    Peace my friend

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