You may be wondering how Winnie-the-Pooh got so much done by doing nothing. Well there is a lot to be said for just letting it all happen. However what we must not loose sight of is the experience that is brought to us along the way.

Firstly it is important to accept that we are eternal beings and therefore one thing I have learn in sunny Spain is that time almost does not exist. I say almost because we are constantly being told that time does not really exist as it is a fabrication of man, and the rest of the Universe is just a succession of events that happen in their own way and in their own time! Here in Spain an appointment may or may not be kept or may be delayed, but you just sit and have a coffee and a chat. On our ten year retreat it has been a great lesson in patience.

Some religions , even those who do subscribe to reincarnation try to get to a state of consciousness that will give them immunity from the circle of birth, life, disease and death. But the thing is that failure is a great teacher and if you can accept that you will never get it done, and there is no divine retribution because you did not finish, then you must also understand that you have as many goes at it as it takes in successive lives, so there is in fact no rush to do anything.

Why not relax and take whatever time you need to do whatever you want to do, making sure that you enjoy yourself and have fun! If you can do this you will be a happier healthier bunny! Why? Because you will have removed the major cause of illness and disease from your life in the form of stress.
Enjoy with Love, David


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David … wow .. letting it happen … can humans living in this part of the world succeed in “letting it happen” ? Yes, you are right, for experience has told us that in sunny Spain .. what is not done today might be done … an other day… but, dare I say, this seems to be something of the past. Of course, exactitude is still a vain word in Spanish vocabulary and often they will try our patience by being late or all together not showing up and this without warning. But this, my friend, is not being relaxed this is a lack of good manners. Nothing more and nothing less.
    Now, may I tell you that I do not agree, at least not totally, with what you seem to imply by “you have as many goes at it as it takes in successive lives, so there is in fact no rush to do anything.”.
    That seems a bit strange to me for, it would be like advising a student not to take his studies too much at heart because there is always an other year where he might try to “understand” what he did not the previous year. Of course here we are again using anthropomorphic comparisons… and I think it’s not all that easy nor depending on our sole volition, or am I wrong in assuming this ?

    Thank you for this very enjoyable little piece of literature urging us to look once in a while how Mother Nature takes her time to let things grow… and die depending on the earth’s seasons. No rush … that’s not Nature’s way.

    Love and Light to you and to all the readers of your post.


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