I asked for books on how to pray.
From John Donne down they cascaded into my lap, in an ever seemingly crisp and dry way. Then I found Saint Francis, with whom I found a great affinity,
as you might have seen in Hanukah the Scribe.

We were told by many a communicator in our various circles that even the best and most sincere prayers had to pass through the atmosphere of the earth with all its pollution and therefore arrived at the sorting office in the sky in such a state that they had to be cleaned and polished before they could be transmitted to their destination.

Well, well, here’s the thing: Every prayer is heard by whomsoever you said it to. If you have a favourite Saint, Arisen Master or Angel it is important that you continue to use the same format the same personal words and phrases to get your message across. The words you use should be your own. I actually use the same opening prayer but after that it’s all intensely personal!

If you don’t believe in hierarchy you can always send it straight to the Boss, the Governor, Jerry as I sometimes call him, Solar Logos when I want to be formal or just plain Father God when I miss the one I never had. But here’s the thing the Logos does not mind whether you address Him as Father, Abba, Allah, Atma, God, Father Mother God or Divine Spirit. It is your choice and the Logos will glory in your address and your heartfelt words.

Of course prayer is a matter of personal choice as with everything that we can select for ourselves, and prayer works I have no doubt about that. But don’t imagine that continually asking to win the lottery will bring oodles of cash in your direction it doesn’t work quite like that. Though you might receive a lesson to teach you the value of what you already have.

What is best for you, decided by your higher self is what will be returned to you every time, and the prayers that are for others seem to be responded to most easily and quickly. Strange that! There are however universal subjects for which prayers are said by the prayer community all over the world.

Peace for instance – strangely again in many forms, family peace, national and international peace are the common ones – and you will have seen this theme echoed throughout our writings, but as always if you want something like peace it has to start with you. Are you a peaceful person? Do you respond in peace to every eventuality?
Now come on be honest!

Continue to pray and in time you will begin to polish your own prayers, you will refine your own requests, and thankyous will almost become unnecessary as the whole atmosphere of your prayerful moments becomes shrouded in clouds of gratitude. Gratitude for everything, and I mean absolutely everything that comes your way.

So my advice is for you to become prepared for prayer, be prepared for peace.
You are all in my prayers, David


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1 Response to SIMPLY PRAYER

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you David.
    I can only acknowledge what you tell us about prayer for, yes, prayer is quite a personal action. We all, I suppose, have learned to recite prayers we had to learn by heart and they are useful when we cannot find enough peace in our hearts to utter our own words.
    It is also true, as I do believe, that prayers can go directly to whom we pray. We do not have to look for intermediates, we do not have to go through the “operator” to request a line; no, prayers are intimate communications between Him, Her,Them and us.
    Of course we have to be reasonable and not make of our prayers eternal requests for miracles.
    Praying should be a cordial conversation between two “FRIENDS”, but only one KNOWS exactly what we want and, more important, what we really need.
    Let us not forget that praying surpasses our petty human hopes and desires We should try to separate prayer from its too anthropomorphic allures. For too long our cultures and religions have wrapped prayer in an unnecessary amalgam of rituals and formalities, the only important and imperative feature we need when praying, is an honest and loving heart, all the rest is superfluous.

    Thank you David.

    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read your post.


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