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For your ego’s mind, Peace is rare upon this planet. For your Divine Mind,
Peace is everywhere. Who will you believe?

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara
Love David

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1 Response to DIVINE PEACE

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Peace is in the HEART of the beholder !!! Be on this planet, but don’t be part of it IF PEACE can not be found on it !!! Paraphrasing a wise saying and also the Gospels .. one should understand that, indeed, PEACE accompanies him or her whenever it is welcomed.
    PEACE should not be confused with NO WARS, for it is of a very different kind. You can find PEACE in midst of the most frantic turmoil or tempest, for PEACE is where it is welcomed.
    Don’t fight against the strong winds for they may uproot you… bend and wait peacefully for the breeze to replace the wild gusts.
    Yes, David, Peace should be invited to settle in our Hearts for it will never impose itself.

    Love and Light I send you from this little corner of the Planet.


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