How many times have those thoughts come into your mind and you thought, ‘Where did that come from?’
How many times have words of wisdom just spilled from your mouth without a conscious thought? Did you think for a moment that you were on your own for a single term of office, so to speak? Well, sad to say you were wrong.

Did you imagine in your wildest dreams that you really had a Guardian Angel, a Spirit Guide to help you and a Recording Angel to make sure that nothing of your amazing life was missed? Now you are right!

When you say, ‘God only knows!’ you were right again but as I said before ‘only close’ because the rest of the team, that is there working on your behalf, knows also. Apart from the team above, try to imagine with your foreknowledge of how TV and radio work, that you are one of billions of receiving sets that can be tuned, at the turn of a dial or click of a remote, to specific frequencies or left on open reception. Now imagine that from the Source of the Solar Logos through every Angel and Ascended Master there is a possible transmission to every receiver in the world, that’s us, from lets call them the Total Team.

Perhaps now you can better understand the many who use this channel to send you those thoughts, that you have perhaps missed in direct communication, such as the following message through Dawn Katar from Archangel Jophiel:

While you were doing your “thing” today, I peeked in to whisper some Peaceful tones in your ear. And I hope you believe me when I tell you that you actually smiled! Sometimes, when you are not consciously thinking about anything, your Being is open to hear and respond to the Loving messages we all bring you.
Feel it now and remember.
Archangel Jophiel

You see the Total Team never stops, night and day 24 / 7 there is continuous broadcast and also continuous care to watch you in case you fall or need help. All possible aid will be given within unconditional love to save you. You are never left on your own, never forgotten and always loved beyond those wildest dreams of yours.
In Love, David


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Devonian writer
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1 Response to ANGEL WHISPERS

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Yes.. we are never alone .. for those Big Brothers are there stretching a helping hand in case of need… they don’t impose their presence, they gently care … and whenever we are ready they too will walk on with us. Thank you Jophiel .. thank you Asahel, thank you Guardian Angel who has been with me since the beginning of Time.
    Thank you David for reminding us that we can count on Them.
    With love and light.

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