If there was ever a state of being to aspire to on our pathway to Ascension this surely would be it. In my travels in India and catching up with documentaries about that amazing country, which by the way you either love of hate, and I am one of the former, I was and am struck by the amazing composure and radiant happiness exuded by the Sadhus. And that takes me back to my life in Gujarat, where I was supremely happy in abject poverty in about 800BC, that’s another story, but probably accounts for my affinity with India.

And speaking of stories I just loved the epic tale of Arjuna and Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata, from the Geetha which gives us this jewel to emulate, through Radio Sai as we polish yet another facet of our rough diamond-ship.

In the Geetha when Arjuna posed the question: “What exactly is the benefit of attaining You?” Krishna smiled and replied, “Arjuna! What greater benefit is there than attaining union with God?
This holy victory makes one a Mahatma. While a normal person is established in body consciousness, and is tossed about every day by joy and grief, the Mahatmas are free from all dual experiences and are ever joyful.
They are above and beyond. They are pure in heart and have no further birth and death. They have released themselves from identity with the particularised; they become the Universal, Eternal, Changeless. They are neither dull nor driven about by desire. They are unaffected by attachment or hate.”
Geetha Vahini, Ch 17

Union with God is the level of mergence that one begins in meditation, having passed through the various stages of concentration, contemplation, revelation to adoration then to bring this into every waking thought on a permanent basis.
Be Happy in your Ascension, Love David


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