When you enter that Highly Precious Time (HPT), in whatever time of your day you chose, it is best already to be at peace rather than hoping that HPT will bring you peace. Be relaxed with no stimulants, no TV for a while and certainly no arguments, in a quiet place. (Early morning seems to fit the bill for many!)

The very best HPT time for me was on Christmas morning when I would lead a guided meditation in the peaceful confines of the church to allow young and old to break away from the hectic bustle and preparation of a busy Christmas morning to the cool and quiet where we could concentrate on the real meaning of that special time of celebration. And to recall.

Along with others I would inevitably end up with tears rolling down my cheeks and many would want to stay on and leave the cooking for the army of friends and relations and manic parcel passing and unwrapping to others. But life needs to be lived and as always we need to minister to the needs of the many. After all they have their own ways of celebration. And so it is.

You might think it strange that Christmas should beckon, just over half way through the year, but that’s the way it happens some times, and not just sometimes but frequently. And why not ?

The Master who I do not recall having been close to, in the year 0033 in current calender plus or minus seven, nevertheless seems to be close now, shall we say. And with his presence comes an aura of gentleness, kindness and peacefulness. Though I have been told I was the one, the soldier who offered the sponge soaked in sour wine to ease the pain, be that as it may, but whenever the name comes to mind there is a definite flutter in the heart. And emotion is strong.

Many chase freedom with a frantic fervour that does nothing to lend itself to peace at all, quite the opposite in fact.

But here’s a thought from another great Ascended Master St. Germain through Dawn Katar:
Will feeling free cause you to know Peace? Will feeling Peace cause you to know freedom? Meditate on these feelings and see what happens.
Ascended Master Saint Germain


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