Having posted the Eulogy about Eugene I can tell you that in the past I was also a channel for those who have dedicated themselves to helping mankind. My mediumship was centred on Healing and I spent many months and residential courses training with several healing organisations in the UK, eventually ending up as Vice Chair of the BMS International Healing Federation until I retired to Spain in 2003.

However, working as a healer in one of the churches in the UK introduced me to the workings of the Spiritualist National Union and I was privileged to serve on the SNU Healing Assessment panel for new healers in Sussex and to rise from Secretary to the dizzy heights of Vice President of the Church.

It was during the channelled sessions of another medium that I found my vocation as Scribe, which I still enjoy to this day, during which I was given the Spirit Name of Hanukah, bringing forward that same energy of Scribe and Record Keeper from the mid to late 5th Century in England.

There were brief forays into the mysterious world of Channelling when again I was gifted to allow spirit to speak through me and also the written word in waking consciousness and it is this arena where the problems began for me that I wanted to talk to you about.

Whereas Eugene gives credit to those who channel through him he has never really accepted or understood his gifts. As I said before every session is a new experience for him. I on the other hand have thoroughly and completely accepted it all to the extent, and here I do share a common misgiving, I would not want anything of me, or my own interpretation to colour any message.

Unlike other friends in the field who are totally out of it when channelling we are both semi conscious and can remember most of what occurs. I wanted to be like them, totally not aware so that nothing of me could change the chat so to speak!

This is where I became the victim of my own enthusiasm in trying to be the perfect channel I created doors along the corridor or channel that I now have great difficulty in opening. In fact I am told I see them not as doors that can be opened but as stone walls! Now you see my barriers looming before me. A bit like writers block I suppose.

In short my total belief has become my barrier. If you are this way inclined don’t let yourself fall into my belief barrier trap. Don’t think or worry about it just relax and let it happen, if that’s what you want.

Of course there is always an alternate way and for us we have both accepted our roles and Eugene is undoubtedly the clear channel and I am the scribe Hanukah. This is the beauty of our partnership which also extends into daily life as we are sufficient alone, but together looking in the same direction, there is no barrier too big for us!
With Love and Light to all, David.


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you David/Hanukah for permitting us to enter the realm of Channeling which for many of us is locked behind closed doors. Indeed it is by relaxing that one can be best available to the impulses given by Spirit. It is important to ACCEPT rather than to BELIEVE… discussing what has been channeled can come afterwards not while it is happening. I had to find this out while giving readings… Whatever came I had to give to the sitter while I was not always able to understand what the messages contained.
    To ACCEPT to be a channel is the ONLY way … the rest will be come later, if necessary

    Blessings and love flow your way, Dear Hanukah… and may they continue to flow for ever.

    Eugene …

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