It was about forty years ago that Eugene received a present from the mother of a friend. A pack of Tarot cards. Another friend happened to say he was looking for a spiritual medium to get a Tarot reading. Having just received the present and with no prior knowledge Eugene remarked, ‘Well I’ll have a go, after all it can’t be rocket science !’

What came out of that first spread of cards was so accurate and revealing that both the friend and Eugene himself were flabbergasted. Eugene’s first question was, ‘Where did that come from ?’

After forty years you would think that Eugene was not only an expert but also, with never a wrong reading, a firm believer in his own gift. But here’s the thing: The messages that come through are so accurate that they take some understanding which is why every time, although a list of questions are asked before the reading, there are usually more to follow before true understanding is realised not only for the sitter but also for Eugene himself. Why ? Because every sitter is unique and every human situation is unique.

It is therefore true to say that a certain level of intelligence is required in order to appreciate the message and to ask the relevant questions for true understanding by all. When you consider that the message can cover the past in this life, the distant past of a previous life and the immediate future possibilities there could be a lot to understand.

The message can also be framed in such a way as to hide the pertinent and personal details so as not to expose anything that might be embarrassing to the sitter. Rather in the form of symbols that can only be understood by the person concerned or indeed an analogy or a parable that requires interpretation and an explanation.

Those who guide the reading provide what has become known as a Prognosis that contains the main details, based only on a forename and a single photograph, that then require amplification which is why the reading may carry on, after the initial script, to a correspondence of question and understanding. It is truly amazing that the Prognosis is produced before ever meeting the sitter in person or via the Internet.

As to accepting his gift, well, as each person is unique it’s like having a fresh gift each time which certainly keeps him on his toes and leaves no room for a swollen head ! And it is a fact that his humility makes him doubt the veracity of every Prognosis until accepted by the sitter.

Some messages seem beyond the bounds of possibility by the sitter and certainly outside the knowledge of Eugene and may only come to realisation some time in the future. Some would say the best kind of message !

In addition to this gift, in his later years Eugene has become a clear channel for our Angel Messengers who bless us with their words of wisdom and understanding of the Planet, the Universe and the Human condition.
In loving friendship David.


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thanks David .. I would not have been able to express it better… I loved my biography .. and I think you really have sensed how much I am afraid of a gift that other clairvoyants might boast about. One is never sure where the “clairvoyance” begins or ends ..while I am human so many circumstances might change my vision of someone’s future.and it is not always possible to detect it.
    As a matter of fact, not all sitters accept the message a reading gives them, and many never confirm its veracity.
    40 years have gone by since the day it all started and I do not regret the years passed. I have grown through my various contacts, I hope the numerous sitters have too.

    With love and blessings


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