This message that came through my friend Christopher Sell of Heaven on Earth, from our dear friend Sananda, this morning seemed so appropriate that I have reposted it in it’s entirety:

You have a beautiful mind. It is a very delicate receiver. New light entering your reality is retuning this receiver. It is becoming easier for you to pick up higher frequencies. This doesn’t happen all at once, but gradually through your lifetime and for generations to come. You can be an active, conscious participant in this evolutionary process. One simple way is to change your relationship to your own thoughts. Recognise that your thoughts are not necessarily yours at all, any more than a radio programme belongs to the radio on which you hear it. Just as you choose which radio programmes you listen to, permit yourself to choose which thoughts you give attention to.

It may be that you can’t turn your mind off like a radio, but you can tune to a different station. You live in a world in which angels are always singing to you. You can learn, and the changes the new light is bringing help with this, to hear the loving wisdom of angels. You can retune to their frequencies with patience and with continuing love for the being that is you. The thoughts of angels are different from human thoughts. Human thoughts are beautiful in their own right, but they tend to be like single notes compared to the melodies of angels.

To begin accessing the minds of angels it helps to bring your individual human minds together. In this way you might think of each of you contributing an individual notes to create chords and harmonies. What enables you to share minds is love. When you feel unconditional love for another you bring your minds together. Together you can more easily pick up the higher frequencies of angelic minds. The individual capacity of each mind grows as you link through unconditional love. Together your minds have the capacity to hold more of the beauty of angelic thought. To begin with you might like to take a few moments each day to feel your connection with other loving minds around the world.

With Love


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2 Responses to BEAUTIFUL MIND

  1. What a beautiful post David.. ~Love is the frequency we should all tune into.. Thank you for reposting .. Sue

  2. nyparrot says:

    Very nicely written!

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