I just thought: Maybe this is the day I am meant to destroy a few illusions !
So here goes. There has never been a human who could fly unaided and the only mammal I can think of, off hand, is a bat.

Mythically, Icarus had a hard time of it when once he flew out of incarceration in Crete with his feather and wax wings made by his dad Daedalus. His exhilaration got the better of him and he soared into the sky, but too close to the sun that melted the wax and he came sadly to a sticky end some say in the sea.

When you look at the glorious stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals, see the classical carvings of cherubs and angels on tombs they all have the most wonderful wings.

I guess we have our ancestors to thank for this natural assumption, that in order to appear in the sky one would need wings like any big bird. I guess the confusion came when those with the sight became aware of a hovering figure of the angelic kind which would naturally be seen with a glorious aura that was quite naturally mistaken for wings. How else could they hover ?

Surprises happen daily, luckily ! I have shared lifetimes with some characters that were well known for their particular propensities, and one I seem to link with, though not too closely in this life, is Saint Germain. I knew him in one life with another name as a hard task master of strict views on Spiritual Law who came across as cold and unemotional which is the way unconditional love can be felt and often mistaken for disinterest, but was the way he spoke to me in this life about a difficult subject I had to come to terms with and needed strict guidance over.

Imagine my joyful surprise to get a message this morning from Dawn Katar:
Imagine this – an animal you think is a mammal appears before you with wings spread with the span of 7-9 feet. Do you (a) think “OMG! That can’t be happening!” (b) scream in shock (c) think “Cool. I wish I could do that” or (d) all of the above? Just checking your Peace-meter. Keep practicing.
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Thanks Dawn and thanks Saint Germain.


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