When I look back across the march of time
along the marsh of colour and of chime
I see and hear the urgency to make
with half remembered truths attempts were made
to make the same places of power and might
to harness the source of our warmth and light,
the massive megaliths were made and brought
arranged in colonnade and circle wrought.
The space no longer sacred, something lower
failed to bring the energy, produce the power.
Today, to you they are star finders all
some still stand proud while others start to fall.
Yet more are buried in the sand and sea,
mistakes well hidden by leat and lea.
Despite what you have thought
all have come to nought.

We came from one source with our remembrance
but memory played tricks upon the ancients
some came to islands, waterways we knew,
others to landmass fearful of the few.
Some to the heights reaching up to heaven
where they believed Olympus had risen.

 From separate stems of the source we befall
unwhole, unable to recall it all
the branches tried to grow the same fine fruit
but we were severed from the trunk and root.
The priest in each group tried to recreate
but no one master had the total plate
All were needed for the blueprint to work
each puzzle was a perfect piece bezerk.

So you are left with far more puzzles now !
Try not to solve the riddles of the past
but try now to undo your own at last
which are more pressing than the last,
the last life or lives you believe you led,
best be left to memory, put to bed.
There are more pressing puzzles left to solve
I do not have for you a magic salve.
Be not ashamed of errors and mistakes
No loss of face need give you pain or aches.
Undo the row that left a hole within
stitch well your life from here on in.
Want is not a word I would endorse
But need is all that matters now of course.



About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to HALF REMEMBERED

  1. What a wonderful poem David..
    yes we only ‘think’ we know about our ancient past.. Those circles of stone, sacred sites, ancient myths ..
    IT matters not what why or when, but what is inside each of us.. Our Hearts centres needs our love.. only then shall we rise above …
    Wishing you a Great Week David.. ~Sue

  2. davidtenn says:

    And a great one to you too Sue. Love David

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