Archangel Gabriel has been accredited, or should I say given responsibility, over the centuries, for many momentous moments in our supposed history. But you know it is mankind that insists on names. We have to know who it is at the door so that we can credit or blame the one for any outcome, and anything we want to give real credence to must involve the name of an Angel !

In the Angelic Realm there are no names, there are no words, there is no hierarchy. It is we who decide on the stripes that beings should bear or titles they should have. It is humans who decide that cherubim are less than seraphim or that one should be given the title of Arch Angel above ordinary Angels. The secret is that there is no hierarchy here. All is One.

It is mankind, of a certain blessed band, that have decided on the structure of the heaven world in its many levels of Astral astronomy. Of course we are all aware that Astral comes from the Latin for star, but that does not deter our determination or enthusiasm to expand on the theory, channelled by countless and doubtless conscientious mediums over the years.

The King James Bible, still my favourite, recalls: ‘there are many mansions in my Father’s house’. And in my book ‘Child of Light’ the Abbot tries to explain to our hero: ‘Imagine a house with many floors and on every floor there is another house and on every floor of that house are more houses’. It is no wonder that with our limited vocabulary we have a problem understanding and explaining the simple complexity of dimensionality.

But still I confess I look forward to the daily and weekly messages that come through various sources from named members of the Angelic band. I welcome their, I was going to say Divine despatches, but they would say they are not Divine for there is only One that is, and they are his servants.

As we move through this portentous process I get the feeling that we need all the help we can get. There is no doubt we need to get off our butts, ascend, indeed arise to the need and assume our true purpose, and blessing this Earth through our own Love and Light and projecting Peace is just part of it.

Gabriel the Archangel pops up again through the channel of Dawn Katar:

Arise! It is your time to fully express all that you are. There is not a better moment than this to joyfully bless your world with Love and Peace, since that is the Source from which you have come. And as all who have awakened do so, your world will be birthed to Her glory. Heaven shall no longer be apart. Alleluia!

I ask you all to jump up and sing, ‘Alleluia!’ As you bless this Earth with Love and Peace knowing that the kingdom of heaven is truly here.


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  1. Alleluia!!!!!!!! David..~Sue

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