Following on from Blessed Water I have some questions for you:

1. Do you talk to your body?
2. Do you thank your body?
3. Do you bless your body?

It was said many moons ago that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness and you may have heard me say before, and I do believe this, that talking to yourself is the first sign of wisdom.

 Some of our brothers and sisters have been limited, through higher level choice, to be disabled in a multitude of different ways. Recently we have seen the most amazing examples of human spirit overcoming such limitations even to the point of taking part in the Olympics and climbing mountains with no legs to name just two. Shouldn’t you therefore thank your body, however you have been blessed ?

Remember of course that your body is not you. It is merely a useful and necessary tool to be able to negotiate life in this dense, third dimension of life on earth. However every single cell in your body has a consciousness that responds to you, your thoughts your communication on many levels and your blessings. Every cell when blessed expresses the joy of knowing that you care by being the best it can be in it’s purpose.

So if you want to get the most out of life, your ability to communicate and reach out to others it makes sense to do the best you can to reach out to your body that is the facilitator of everything you want to do in this physical life.

Dare I say that of course this same physical cage houses two other levels of consciousness, other than the physical that without a live body would not exist, or be able to communicate, on this level. But of course you three: Mind, Soul and Spirit can communicate with each other and with others through your Blessed Body. You may have read about the Highly Precious Time (HPT) on Hanukah the Scribe, an ideal forum for the three of you to communicate.
Try it. With a little practice life and health can only get better.


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