So many of us are avidly trying our best to change the world as we see it now. There are many selfless people working unsung in all corners of the world with children, with displaced persons, with threatened species in the wild, lobbying the big pharma, the big oil and the big mining with very little success. 

Why is that? Ask the shareholders and others with vested interests who line their vests with the colour green.

All good works and all when successful will help a little bit to restore the mess we humans have created. But being human I believe that we will never rid ourselves of greed, bribery and corruption. There was a basic fault in the software that was deliberately encoded into our base program just to see if Mankind could of its own volition, which some have called free will, be able to avoid. 

Sadly we failed the biggest test of the grand experiment.

That is to say most of us did. Although on the right path some allowed themselves to be corrupted and bludgeoned into submission by the fervour and power exerted over them. Who by the colour of their skin thought themselves purer, better than and therefore with every right to lord it over all others and treat them as worthless slaves. In our memory this is not the first time that the perfect race has tried to become the overlords of other creatures.

The very few have managed to withstand the temptations that our sophisticated lifestyle has engineered, using only those things that are truly necessary for basic needs like the Kogi.

There was never a truer saying than, ‘if you want to change the world then first change yourself’. So you say, ‘but I have changed, I have downsized, I use less power, I have less trash, I compost, I grow my own etc., etc. But what about your neighbours and what about those in third world countries who risk life and limb to get what we can have ? How do you get them to change ?

It’s impossible ? Not so said the man who was temporarily daunted when he decided to canoe 3000 miles up the Amazon. 30 miles a day did it ! To get the dried up river to flow again. Impossible ? One glass of water a day ?

Our dear friend Metatron spoke through Dawn Katar today:
You are well into the year 2012 and we have one question to ask you:
Do you think you are living in such a grand state of Peace that your world could end and you will be alright?

Practice Peace now and don’t look back. Practice Peace now and don’t look forward. The only thing you can be certain to change is your state of being.

Archangel Metatron

What if the whole of mankind could change to live like the Kogi ?
Check it out !


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2 Responses to CHANGING STATE.

  1. makeacrane says:

    Practice peace… yes, progress with peace! (Progress is a verb and a noun…)

  2. Excellent Post David… We each must start with ourselves. ~Sue

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