Having a great love of the Orkney Islands my favourite cross was the Celtic Cross or St Peter’s Cross as I liked to call it.
A simple cross with like a circular halo round the crosspoint.
A physical cross to me is a symbol of support and of strength.
When you think about it the cross beams provide the support and strength in buildings. And a cross provides stability to square and oblong structures that may otherwise lean out of alignment. A cross over a circle prevents the circle moving out of shape to say an ellipse.

Some twenty odd years ago
I saw a vision of a cross
and decided to make it
as I saw it.
And you see it here.
I call it the Universal Cross.
We were told it was the original.
Representing the four corners
of the earth,
or the four quarters
of the Universe.

I wonder ! What does the Cross mean to you ?
I was asked this question 21 years ago by our Guardian Angel who came each week to teach us in the spiritual circle that took place in our church in West Sussex, England. Each of us were asked to write on a single sheet of paper our answers, which were then heard one by one over the following weeks.

I was last to read my answer that went like this:
The Cross has symbolised Christ crucified since the dawn of Christianity.
The figure of Christ on the Cross is a figure in agony, a figure, a symbol fostered by the man made religions, and possibly influenced by the rebel ray, the fallen one, to make us concentrate on the man and our guilt for his death, instead of concentrating on his message to us.

I do not see the Cross in this way, I see the Cross within a circle. So it ceases to be the physical Cross that Christ died upon, it becomes my own symbol that stands for everything I strive for in this life.

My Cross within a circle therefore represents:

The love of Christ for the world.
The spark of God within all creation.
The spirit of Christ within each one of us.
In other words we are One with God and all creation.
(God is infinite therefore nothing can be separate from God. We are part of God and therefore we are infinite.)

It reminds me that I must offer the message of Christ to others.
To love God above all else.
To love each other as He loves us, with unconditional love.
(So difficult for us humans to achieve.)
To love and care for the land, the water, the air and all life created by God.

In other words to return to being a true caretaker of Planet Earth and to live in Love, and Peace, and Harmony, at One with the Whole of God’s creation, whether in form or in spirit.

We are One, we are Light, we are Love.

With the help of spirit, may our little circle here with the Cross of our beloved Lord Mikaal shine with the Love of God and with the Light of God to the benefit of our beloved Mother Earth and to all in harmony with her.

The answer from our Guiding Spirit:
That is how it should be.
You, my children, are going to find it very difficult to live up to this !

When you look deeply at the ceremonies and the customs of indigenous peoples especial the Kogi in South America our thoughts fit together so well. And the Kogi, who welcomed the Spanish missionaries who made not one convert, are now giving their warning message to the rest of the world, who they call their Younger Brothers, of the impending end of the world unless we mend our ways. May the Lord Bless us all.


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